All artistes have skeletons in their cupboards — Jaywon TrendyVoice

12 June 2016

All artistes have skeletons in their cupboards — Jaywon

From living in the street, James Oluwajuwonlo
Edahi, popularly known as Jaywon, broke into the
music industry with the hit song 'File Be' and
since then, has remained relevant in the industry.
After a rather tumultuous departure from Kennis
Music, the new self-acclaimed 'king of music'
charted a new way to go with a record label of his
own ''Next World Music''. How far he has gone
after Kennis Music, and how he has survived all
life has thrown at him, according to Vanguardngr Jaywon tells it all in this

•What has been happening to Jaywon?
I have been doing a lot of work but I have just
dropped a new album titled Oba Orin in April.
And the album has been doing well in the

•Why the name "Oba Orin" (king of music)?
That is a million dollar question. The title Oba
Orin does not connote I am giving myself a title
and being proud of it. In fact, many of my fans
now address me as Oba Orin, (King of music) on
the social media. We were deliberating on other
titles but the marketer felt Oba Orin was cool.
Oba Orin is a 21-track album, 2 skits with an
intro. The album features the biggest voices in
the industry like Olamide, Reekado Banks, Tiwa
Savage, Oritsefemi, 9ice, Reminisce and the rest.

•You now have a label of your own, how
many artistes have you signed on?
I have always believed in discovering new talents
and that is what my record label will be known for
and not just signing artistes. I have discovered
more producers in the industry than anybody. I
will be supporting and grooming some artistes
and ensure they become a force people will
reckon with in the industry.

•Talking about grooming new talents, how
do you intend to teach artistes the
rudiments of music?
I have a studio where my artistes will be tutored.
I will see them getting to perform on different
platforms. Also, I will work on networking and
doing a lot of publicity of their activities. They will
also perform with me . I have done all these for a
lot of artistes in the past. Basically, I have two
artistes signed under me.

•Things you look out for in an artist?
Talent. And we have many talents in Nigeria.
Behavioral attitudes too.
How have you been able to stand out in
most of what you do?
I think the love for what I do has been able to put
me up there. Some people don't know that I am
one of the most travelled artists in Nigeria. I love
what I do, I love my job. My job is not just like a
profession or business. I love making music. It's

•In 2012, you had a hit song, "This year".
Are you planning another hit song this
''This year'' is so big that I doubt one would be
able to make such a hit song again. I never
envisaged that the song would do very well. I
didn't go into the studio and said, I want to make
a song that would sound like this. I went there to
record what came to my mind. I mean just doing
it as the inspiration came.
How do you get inspiration for your songs?
I think and meditate a lot.
Aside music, do you do other things?
Right now, music has been putting food on my
table and providing for my family.

•How do you relax?
For a while now, my life has been really hard that
I don't do things just because I want to do them. I
just create time out of no time to rest.
Sometimes, I go to the studio and listen to some
of the songs I have produced. I play table tennis
too. I have been really busy.
Your crush among the female artistes?
I'm actually crushing on Niniola. She is very good,
talented, and beautiful. She is just perfect.

•Are you still with Kennis Music?
No, I am no longer with Kennis Music .

•Your experience at Kennis Music?
Everything I know today was from Kennis music.
No matter what happens, I will always
acknowledge Kennis Music. It is only a stupid
person that goes about rubbishing his former
employer. Kennis Music is the best thing that has
ever happened to me. What happened between
us only happened because we were close. We
were business partners and some things would
naturally happen.

•If you have the opportunity to go back to
Kennis Music would you?
For sure, I would want to go back but with a
different arrangement and understanding . Many
things have changed, you know. This is not the
same type of industry we had back then . So, in
order to remain relevant in today's industry, one
has to follow the trend very well.

•Has Jaywon ever delved into movie
Of course yes, I will be one of the cast in the next
Super Story. I featured veteran actors and
actresses in one of my videos, "Back to sender''. I
am an entertainer.

•Anything you really don't like about the
The entertainment industry is ''fake". That
element cannot be removed from the industry.
Again, we often celebrate people more when they
are dead. We should cultivate the attitude of
appreciating people who have contributed
immensely to the development of the
entertainment industry when they are alive.
These days, we see young artiste featuring
King Sunny Ade, Pasuma, Obesere, and the
rest. But we are yet to see anyone feature
Salawa Abeni. Is this because the Waka
music is totally dead or what?
It is far from it. For somebody like me, I have
done some projects with Obesere and that is
because I have access to him. My point is that
most of the young artistes don't have access to
the older artistes.

•Your take on musicians having Baby
I have actually said a lot about this. I don't really
see it as bad or as a problem. My only fear is
people should take responsibility for their
children. In fact, I think we should have a law that
will see anyone who does not take care of his or
her child sent to jail. If any one has ten baby
mamas and can afford to take care of them, then
it is nobody's problem. I don't care if you have 10
baby mamas but take care of the children you
bring into this world. That's what matters. Is it
being married for a few months and separating
that is good?

•Artistes beef each other, is this good for
the industry?
Beefing comes as a result of two persons who
wrong each other and I think it's allowed. But
these days, we make too much noise about it.
Some of us also see it as an avenue to be in the
papers. I don't want to be in the papers for such

•Managing controversies?
I don't want to be controversial. Whether we like
it or not, we all have some skeletons in our
cupboard. Some artistes have done some bad
things to me in the past. Some will even remix
my songs without acknowledging me. I ignore so
many things. Intellectual properties are not
respected in this part of the world.

•Any plans to have a foundation?
I follow my instincts to do so many things. If my
instincts tell me to give out 20% of my income,
so be it. I intend to do more on my birthday.

•Should your fans expect something new
from you before the end of the year?

Sure, we have many things to unveil this year.

•What would Jaywon like to be remembered
I want to be known as the best artiste in Africa.

•Like winning a Grammy Award?
It is every artiste's dream to win a Grammy.

•The craziest thing a female fan has done to

It happened in Dublin where a female fan wanted
an autograph on her breast and recently another
lady wanted a deep kiss from me.

•Did you oblige to their request?
I gave her a peck instead.

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