3 Game Of Throne Questions We Desperately Need Answers To TrendyVoice

1 June 2016

3 Game Of Throne Questions We Desperately Need Answers To

Okay, now that's out the way.
The highly-anticipated 6th season of HBO's epic
Game Of Thrones hits UK screens.

•Is Jon Snow Dead?

It's hard being a Stark. If you're not being burned
alive by the Mad King, you're beheaded for being the
one good Hand in Westeros. Or, if you're like Jon
"Stark-But-Not-A-Stark" Snow, you get stabbed to
death by your own 'loyal' Watchers on the Wall.
Now, this is unfair for a number of reasons: A) he
never found out who is mother is, and that seemed
pretty intrinsic to the plot. B) Following on from A, we
never found out if R+L=J, despite Littlefinger
dropping some pretty BIG hints in S5. C) We'll miss
Kit Harington's beautiful hair if he dead dead.
Let's hope he was only mostly dead.

•Should We Be Getting Hype For Cleganebowl?

Now, this question is a little out there, but bear with
us. You remember The Hound? The loveable, horribly
violent, sort-of-friend-mentor-thing to Arya a couple
of seasons ago, before the little Braavosi left him to
his death on the side of a hill?
Well, there's a popular fan theory that Sandor
Clegane didn't meet his demise, and in fact ran off to
a monastery, where he buried his violent path and
became a gravedigger, and what's even more
interesting is that GoT newcomer, Ian McShane,
hinted at The Hound's survival in a recent interview.
Now, if we know one thing about The Hound, it's how
much he hates his brother – you know, the guy who
gave him his trademark face? Well, now that Clegane
elder, AKA The Mountain That Rides, AKA Cersei's
Zombie Bodyguard is back on the scene, we might
see an epic battle between the two brothers, the war
between church and state, otherwise known as

•What Do The White Walkers Even Want?

After Hardhome, "Come At Me Crow" was the meme
on everyone's lips, so we're hoping this season
expands on The Night's King's motivations. Why is he
bringing everyone back from the dead? Why are they
descending on The Wall? Why does he want to rule a
nation of undead cold-blooded zombies? We need

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