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20 May 2016

The Skin As A Shield Against Germs.

One of the wonders of creation is that the skin has been made as a beautiful covering for the internal organs making up the human body. The human skin is far more than a simple wrapping for the body and it can be said that nothing is more lovely and attractive than a glowing, healthy skin.
Glowing, healthy skin should not in any way, be confused with "Iru fanta", "Ukwu coke" syndrome, that is the state of the skin of people who bleach their skin with strong bleaching creams. A lot of damage is done to the health of the skin by bleaching creams.

People's preoccupation with the way their skin is before others has given rise to the issue of bleaching to the detriment of the health of their skin. Safeguarding the skin from this danger is a matter of necessity. We need to protect our skin so that it should be able to perform its normal function of protecting our body from diseases.
As the human skin has a complicated structure, you may look upon your skin as only a thin protective cover but in reality, your skin is a complex structure designed to carry out some necessary body functions.

These necessary body functions are not to be taken lightly. The skin is in fact, an armour of sorts - a shield against germs, cut and bruises, the skin is also the body's first line of defence against the germs that might enter the body. Enzymes on the surface of the skin quickly destroy germs, provided the skin is healthy and intact. The capability of the skin to perform these functions depends on a lot on how healthy and intact the skin is. Efforts to interfer with our skin colour leads to the destruction of the enzymes and the dead cell on the surface of our skin. These dead cells on the outer cover of the skin are not subject to infection and so they are ideally suited for exposure to the dirt and grime of an everyday environment. But by interfering with them with bleaching creams we are more exposed to infection than we are normally.

So, the choice is left for the individual, between keeping his or her skin healthy and intact and bleaching the skin for "attractiveness". Common sense dictates that one should choose keeping one's skin healthy and intact. And one of the best ways of keeping your skin healthy and intact is to maintain your natural colour. Remember that no colour of the skin is better than the other as far as protecting our body is concerned.

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