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10 May 2016

The Devil Who Loved Me - Episode 13

We both laughed. It was funny how everything
looked how it was when we were dating, I still
don't know why this boy left me. I know he liked
me, maybe not as much as I want.
Me: its time for you to bounce, its late
Timi: I thought you would want me to stay here
with you, after what you went through..
Me: don't worry, I am fine, you can go.
As he walked to the door, I wish I had told him to
stay. I wondered if it was too late to. His broad
shoulders looked so appealing, something I would
want to hold as I slept.
Just like that the door closed and Timi was gone. I
rushed to the door so I can open it and watch him
go. The idiot was waiting when I opened the door,
he had that stupid 'I know you would come' smile
on his baby face. I smiled too
Me: you can spend the night, but we would have to
sleep on the floor.
Timi: thank you
Me: its just because I am still scared.
Timi: I know
Me: you must go before Abayomi or Toun wake's
Timi: yes ma
Me: don't even think of touching me..
Timi: no problem ma
Me: good.
Some minutes later, we both lay down beside each
other, my back was turned to him, but his long
masculine hands wrapped me in that way that I
had missed so much.
Me: why did you leave me?
Timi: im sorry
Me: I need an answer, Timi, just tell me so I can
close this chapter
Timi : babe..lets let it go
I wanted to talk some more but I let him have his
way. I was satisfied with where I was. I didn't want
to get angry.
I felt him move closer to me , but I didn't react. i
was wearing one of Toun's sleeping soft
big bum was resting against his crotch. I felt him
harden as he moved closer. I remembered when he
used to tell me my bum was bigger than my
future. I would chase him down the room
then..good old days. I didn't do it consciously, but I
realized I was shooting my bum backwards to
grind him.
Timi: I missed you
I kept quiet, even as his hands went beneath the
gown and found the way to my t--s. On his way to
my t--s, his hands brushed my naked bums. Didn't
I tell this guy not to touch me?
Timi: Your body…your body…
I abruptly turned and faced him..
Me: don't touch me.
Timi ignored me, instead he kissed me again. This
time his lips didn't come off. Like it was daring me.
I could taste him, his sweet lips, I could smell him,
that masculine wonderful scent. My hands rested
on his chest, wanting to push him back but I ended
up pulling him closer. His fingers went beneath my
gown again, and located my Vee, he rubbed me
gently till I felt hot fluid fill the area. I moaning
gently..i kissed him, s----d his tongue gently, to
stop me from crying out.. my brain kept telling me
to stop.. but I was weak…I knew I had to stop..
I pushed him away and stood up.
Me: Abayomi!
He didn't answer..
Me: Abayomi!
He came running out of the room, Toun followed
closely behind him
Me: Abayomi, come and sleep in the parlor with
Toun had a smile on her face, I didn't know why
she was smiling until I looked at myself, the
hardness of my n-----s roared from the gown.
Abayomi: chai, Timi, you no get house?
Timi: f--k you bruv
Abayomi went into the room and came back with a
pillow. He kept hissing as he lay down.
I entered the room with Toun, only to find an
opened but unused condom beside her pillow. I felt
bad for Abayomi once again.
But most especially, I felt bad for myself. Timi was
in my heart again.
Everytime I went to church that wasn't catholic, I
felt guilty. I was raised in a catholic home, but
going for Mass here wasn't something I wanted to
do. So I had an agreement with God, I go to
winners chapel like most students around here,
then go for Mass when I am in Chief Dike's house.
Abayomi and Toun came to my house to pick me
up. Abayomi was the only person in the crew that
didn't hold a position in church. While Toun and I
were Ushers, Timi was the drummer. But he came
to church early because of Toun.
As usual, the songs and praise and choir
ministration took place, with Timi's drumming one
of my favorite parts. Annie was in church too,
looking all pretty and hot with white blouse and a
blue skirt. I ushered her in with some of her
friends. When the Pastor started preaching, I
removed my eyes from Timi.
Pastor: members of my church, I am glad we are
gathered today on another Sunday that has been
provided by God. Many people that saw last
Sunday didn't see this one. If you are glad that you
saw this Sunday, shout hallelujah!
The congregation shouted Halleluyah..some even
stood up to wave their hands to God.
Pastor: today we are talking about Miracles that
break protocol…somebody say 'MIRACLE'
As the congregation replied again, the pastor
continued , but he stammered after a while,
staring at the an usher, I looked at the
door too. I saw them
I didn't know the first guy that entered the church
nor the third to the fifth, but when Uche's tall
frame followed his colleagues in the straight file I
knew who they were. They didn't smile, infact they
looked angry as they sat on a pew that I could
have sworn was occupied but now seemed empty
enough to accommodate them. I didn't see Jafar, I
concluded he was a muslim, ofcuz the name
should have told me.
Then he entered.
Dressed in a green buba and sokoto, he walked
gently, like the entire church was there because of
him. He looked very good on the native with his
gold chain glittering. It was like the entire church's
attention was on him, because the Pastor had to
call back their attention.
Pastor: now if you open your bible to the book of
Jafar sat inbetween the guys that came before
him, they seemed to be sharing a joke among
themselves because they were giggling inaudibly.
Jafar just smiled.
Toun sent me a text message
Toun = isnt that Jafar
I replied her text
Me = yes o, him and his friends.
Toun: he doesn't look like someone that should be
in church.
I looked at her and we both smiled from the
different rows we were managing.
Me = church is for everybody jor
Toun = I don't know if its because he saved us, but
I think I am crushing on him
Me: Na so dem dey crush, let Abayomi catch you.
She looked at me and laughed again.
I don't know why, but I felt uneasy with Toun
saying she had a crush on him…even if she was
As soon as the service was over, I walked to their
pew to say hello to him. Toun must have noticed
because she met me as I was exchanging
pleasantries with Uche.
Me: Uche, I haven't seen you people in this church
Uche: yes, we are born-again
The rest of his colleagues that heard this laughed, I
looked at Jafar, he looked at me like he was looking
for something in my eyes.
Me: anyways, welcome to our church. Why didn't
you people stand up when they asked new comers
This time , he didn't bother answering me, he
laughed away with his colleagues. I walked to
Jafar. Abayomi had walked to where we were and
was chatting with his chic.
Me: thanks for the other day
Jafar: you are welcome
Me: are you going to be a frequent member of the
I heard Timi unmistakable voice behind me, he
was with Abayomi and Toun.
Jafar: Do you want me too?
I wanted to say 'yes' but then, what reason would I
give, so he would make heaven? I just smiled.
Timi came to my hand and stretched his hand for
an hand-shake with Jafar.
Timi: hello boss, I am Timi
Jafar: Jafar
His eyes registered the fact that this was the same
Jafar that Abayomi told him about. I hoped Jafar
didn't see it in his eyes
Timi: nice native
Jafar: Timi, excuse me as I finish my discussion
with Tana.
Timi was taken aback for a second, but he smiled
and took it on the chin. He walked away while Jafar
continued our discussion.
Jafar: we have a month till the elections, are you
guys ready?
Me: I guess we are
Jafar: good. I have a good feeling about it
Me: if we lose, I hope you are not too disappointed
in us.
Jafar used his palm to brush my face, from my
fore-head to my chin. The movement was light and
gentle. He spread his fingers as it got to my chin.
Jafar: I would not be disappointed in you.
I looked at him and he looked at me. I was not sure
why but it seemed everybody else froze around us.
Me: thanks for coming, I have to go now..
Jafar: wait..
Me: what?
Jafar: have dinner with me in my house tonight
I wondered if that was the reason he came to
Me: I am sorry I cant..will be very busy.
Jafar smiled.
]Toun was waiting with Abayomi when I walked
outside. Luckily the Pastor didn't insist on all those
his meetings today. They were leaning on Timi's
car. Annie and Timi must have been having an
argument because when I walked to the car, they
were staring angrily at each other.
Me: Annie whatsup?
She ignored me. Toun and Abayomi noticed and
did what all good friends do, start talking to me
Toun: Tana, we have been invited to Aisha's party
Me: mehn, I just wanna sleep all day
Abayomi: we need all the publicity
Me: Abayomi, is it to late for me to step down?
Abayomi: who will take your place
Toun: Kofo na..
I don't know why I laughed, but I did, Toun laughed
harder and gave me a high five. Abayomi looked at
me with eyes that could pierce a rock.
Abayomi: Tana, your Papa left balls!
Me: your mama right b----t!
At this time, Annie had left with her pussycat doll
friends, Timi was looking at us. I wondered if he
told his girlfriend what happened between us.
Abayomi: Timi, carry us go house na, abeg. I
cannot waste my money on the satan girl called
Toun: what did Tana do na… think I don't
know that you f----d Kofo?
Abayomi kept quiet.
Toun: I don't blame you, sometimes I can be a bad
girlfriend. But the next time you f--k her, you and
Acho will become buddies.
Abayomi: I love you..
Toun: its not like you have a choice, I heard Uche
has been straffing the hell out of Kofo, sometimes
she misses classes…no love from kofo…
Abayomi quietly enterd into Timi battered Mazda,
Timi sat infront of him and was busy telling him
how lucky he was to have an understanding
Me: please Toun, take it easy with Abayomi. He
loves you.
Toun: I know, I just want him to feel bad. And fear
Me: anyways sha..
Toun and I sat on the back seat.
Timi started the car and was cruising on the
streets of Ago, with the most popular student car
in Ago due to how shabby it was, when Toun asked
him a question.
Toun: why don't you drop your chic in her house,
abi she no fit enter this your car?
Timi: she no be my chic again o…
Abayomi: what do you mean bruv?
Timi: Annie and I have broken up.
To be continued

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