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12 May 2016

Story Of The Virtuous Woman.

Perplexed, Alex restlessly paced the length and breadth of the room, wondering what else to do. He perspired profusely. The sweat that lined his forehead had already started trickling down his face. He wiped it with his palm, his heart beating faster and faster, his feet quivering "lose her? Never", he muttered.
"Where again can I find such a woman of virtue; my heaven-sent jewel whose smiles alone dissolve my fears in stormy moments; an embodiment of peace, joy. Patience, understanding, courage and industry? He asked rhetorically as his thought now he imagined as he drew closer to the doctor who was attending to his wife.

"How is she now, doctor?" He asked in despiration. "Just calm down and pray", the doctor advised, while trying to fix his stethoscope to listen to Amanda's heartbeat. "She'll be fine, he promised. Alex and Amanda were involved in a ghastly road accident. The car they where traveling in suddenly lost control and ran into the ditch. Alex survived without any scar, but Amanda wasn't that lucky. She sustained serious injury and was rushed to the hospital by sympathizers, beign in coma.
Suddenly, she regained consciousness. Her face beamed with a smile that looked rather strange to Alex. He expected her to be writhing in pain, considering the severity of her injury, and not wearing this big smile on her face. Could any mortal feign a smile in such a trrible state? Has she been healed supernaturally? Or could it be a way od saying goodbye? He was confused.

"Darling, she called, reaching out for Alex's hand. "Yeee.....yes, honey", he stuttered witha countenance that seamed as if he was smiling and crying at the same time. At that moment, friends and church members whom he called earlier had already gathered beside Amanda, all weeping because of her critical condition. Amanda was greatly admired by everybody-husband, kids, adults, youths and children in her local church and community because of her benevolence. She clothed and provided food ans shelter for the destitute, and was a great succour to the widows. In a nutshell, she was the "Tabitha" of their community.

"How are you feeling now, honey", Alex asked at last with indistracted attention and gaze. "I'm fine, she reassured him. As he was about to say something else, she quickly cut in, its glorious! The streets glithered with gold, the angelic songs resounded with soul-satisfying sonority, and the faces of the people glowed as if the rays of the sun glared in them. What splendour!" She paused as if listening to the melody of a song. Apparently, she was seeing what those around her couldn't see - the vision of heaven.
With everyone gazing at her with wonder, she suddenly burst into singing:
"My name's written there,
On the page white and fair;
In the book of God's kingdom,
My name's written there."
After singing the last line, her smile broadened, her voice gradually faded into silence and her eyes closed gently. She passed on.
What a glorious exit!
Amanda transmited to heaven whose streets are beautifully laid with gold; where angels and saints sing sonorously; where there's no fatal road accident or air minship, no toiling or pain, no sorrow and sickness. So you see?

Death isn't a captor!

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