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20 May 2016

My Virgin Cougar Episode 15

Yeah, Mrs. Williams is rich, you know. When we
got to the reception, I saw that Adeola was not
there, I took longer than I expected, she must
have gotten tired of waiting, Adeola leaving was
not even the problem, the problem was how I was
going to walk down my street coming out of the
hotel with an older woman, when it is not my
mother, even if My Mom and I stepped out of a
hotel some people might still think, abi something
is going on between this Mother and Son ni.
You know the way Nigerians look at you when you
just step out or drive out of a hotel or a guest
house, they will look at you like one adulterous
fellow and give this "well done o, onishekushe"
look. I wouldn't have been bothered if we were not
in my street, but we were in my street and the
hotel was very close to my house, you can bet that
almost everybody that sees me coming out of that
place by that time with that kind of woman I was
with will know me and they probably talk to my
If you live in a street filled with Yoruba Women you
will understand this better, not only Yoruba
woman sha just that the Yoruba women gossip
game is A+. So how will I get out of that place
without having my gist spread all around the
street before my parents come back, My Mom will
just come back and be hearing her son's gist up
and down.

Mrs. Williams must have noticed something was
wrong with me, she must have noticed the
reluctance I was feeling, "why are you looking like
that? Is everything alright?" she asked me.
Immediately I changed my look, I didn't know
what was going on my mind was affecting my
look, by this time we were few close to the gate.
I said to her, frankly "I don't want some women in
this street to see me coming out of a hotel with
you, they might be thinking the wrong thing and
most of them talk to my parent". Lying wouldn't
have fixed anything and at that time I couldn't
think of a lie, by the way I don't want to be lying to
Mrs. Williams, lies will only mess things up for us,
but is she asks if I know Lola and Elliot, I am gonna
lie about that, do you know why? Or you don't
know why? If you don't know you will still know as
the story goes on.
"Oh, I understand, can you drive?" she asked me,
she didn't even wait for me to answer, I guess she
assumed I will know how to drive, "why don't you
just go bring my car here, I am going to wait at
the reception then I will drive out and drop you
along" she said.
That is a better plan, she gave me her car key and
then she went back to wait at the reception. Since
it was only me, I ruggedly stepped out and the
hotel and I was walking fast to get the car, while I
was going I saw Mummy Sade towards me.

Mummy Sade is my Mom's friend, her house is like
5 houses from ours she is like of those women that
loves correcting/training/chastising other people's
children while their own children's life will be
spoiling. I know a few guys sleeping with Sade
and she is not even 18 yet and some guys have
even aborted for her, but Mummy Sade wouldn't
know she would be busy looking at other people's

"E karo(good morning) Ma" I greeted her and she
answered me, I was already going and she called
me back, she asked if my parents her back, I told
her no, was about going when she said "wa
(come)". She looked serious now, I knew she
wants to start with her behaviour, ofofo(gossip)n
is about to begin, she said "is it not the hotel you
just got out from, iwo omo yi, kiloun wa kiri(you
this child, what are you looking for?)
"aww No ma, My Aunty just got back from Kaduna
last night, my Mummy's younger sister, and she
couldn't stay at home because they my neighbour
threw party overnight". I said to her, she acted like
she believe partially, she said "sha becareful" and
she kept moving.
I went to get Mrs. Williams car and drove back to
the hotel, when I driving back to the hotel, I saw
that Mummy Sade was seated outside one shop
almost opposite the hotel, she saw me when I
wanted to drive in, with the way she was looking
at me I knew she was seated at that shop because
of gossip.

I drove in and went to call Mrs. Williams, I gave her
and keys and we both went into the car. She was
driving, as we were leaving the hotel, Mrs.
Williams saw that shop and she said she would
love to buy recharge card from there, Mummy
Jumoke was still sitting outside like gbeborun.
Mrs. Williams parked in front of the shop, and
since she had told me what she wanted to buy, I
asked if they sell airtime there while seated in this
car, Mummy Sade was looking scrupulously at the
car and trying to see inside, the other woman
inside the car said she has airtime, I turned to Mrs.
Williams to ask for how much recharge card she
wanted, then she gave me 6k from her Hermes
Birkin bag to buy the airtime, so I told the woman
to bring four of #1,500 recharge card, when the
woman went to bring it, Mummy Sade said "shey
Aburo Mummy e to so lekan ye leleyi (is this your
Mom's sister you talked about)?" she was asking
looking at me, I knew Mrs. Williams will hear what
she said so immediately I looked at Mrs. Williams
and I gave her this "oh well I said it" look and what
Mrs. Williams did burst my brain.
I answered Mummy Sade, I told her yes, Mrs.
Williams got into action and she began to speak
Yoruba with the Mummy Sade, she was even the
first to greet her, her Yoruba was smooth though,
the way she was greeting Mummy Sade and the
way she took the handled the whole scene made
me like her more, I mean she just covered my ass
like Niggas covers each other's asses.
The woman gave the cards to me, and Mrs.
Williams brought out another phone from her bag
different from the one I sent songs to earlier, she
told me to load the card on the phone and I should
also take one, "My husband doesn't know I have
this phone, it is the one I called you with, it is what
I will be calling you with" it was then I understood
why she told me earlier that the number might
not be reachable again.

"I liked what you did back there" I said to her,
appreciating her for really acting like my Aunty
while we were at that shop, I told her how ugly
street gossips could get, "Yeah, I get it, it was fun
for me though, I felt like an actress back there, but
why did you tell her I came all the way from
Kaduna, I've never been to that side?" We both
laughed about it. It was time for me to get down
from her car and walk to my house.

"I will call you when I get home, you take care of
yourself" She said to me, I alighted from the car
and she drove off and I went back to my house.
You know before I left home, my Niggas were
watching the tape, guess what Niggas were doing
when I got back home? They were watching the
tape over and over again; none of them was
cleaning or trying to clear the house. They were all
chilling, watching their last night's escapades.
PrinceEasy was back too, he was just there
chilling, seated like the "King of the New Street."
Oh well he is, I mean I know how long he been
pursuing Sandra.
When I saw him seated like one king, I just tapped
his head from behind, "why you come dey sit like
that, you pose like a boss, you dey watch TV like
say na you be Man of the Hour", he looked at me
and smiled, it was a smile of victory. He said, "I
never even see my own part sef, na Sandra I carry
go school since morning, e never tey wey I come
back they come tell me say them record am, omo I
happy die, because as I dey give am that
yesterday, I just they wish say person dey record
am." I hailed him, "PrinceEasy my Nigga!"
Quick Question for y'all readers, now that PrinceEasy has
colonized Sandra's territory, does that mean that
Sandra has gone back to her old ways or that she
is backsliding?
Not like Sandra has changed her ways, not like she
has stopped being a church babe, but you know
some guys won't just give up till they get what
they want and by the way, PrinceEasy is a
stubborn Yoruba boy; he wouldn't stop till he gets
what he wants.

Guys you know something ehn, shey you know
that if a Woman's juicebox is the gateway to
heaven, Yoruba Boys are going to dominate
heaven, am I right or wrong? Apart from that,
Yoruba Boys understand that "Persistence
overcomes resistance," and that is one major key
(major key alert y'all) you need to hold on to when
you want to get any girl you want.
Sometimes, resistance could overcome
persistence but not when you are dealing with a
Yoruba Boy, Girls you know when you are dealing
with a Yoruba Guy, the persistence vibe is a whole
lot different. You tell a Yoruba Boy you have a
boyfriend, he would ask if he could be your bestie.
If you tell him you have a bestie, he would be
coming from top to bottom like that till he says
something like "if you have all these people in
your life, I am sure you don't have a personal
house boy, let me be your personal houseboy, I
will do all you want me to do for you, I will bath for
you when you are too tired to do that, I will wash
your pant and your bra." He might even say
something nastier, you know.
I sat down to continue watching the tape; my plan
was after watching the tape, all of us are going to
clean up the house. I and my niggas were chilling
with the tape, catching trips. While I was watching
I was thinking about Mrs. Williams and what we
discussed earlier. She wants to be happy again,
she wants to live again; she wants me to be
available for her.

Mrs. Williams has been with only one man all her
life, kissed only one man before she met me, she
must have missed out some fun when she was in
her prime. I mean, there is a high probability that
Mrs. Williams has not given blow job before. It is
very possible her plate has not been licked before;
it is likely her meat flap has not been eaten before.
Maybe we can blame my thoughts on the tape I
was watching as my thoughts began to run wild.

As I was watching Niggas eating their babes, I was
also thinking of eating Mrs. Williams in the
process of being available for her. I also imagined
how her potorro would be, would it be an abyss
(wild) or a soggy box (tight)? I mean, she gave
birth to Elliot, if it is wild, it is understandable
yeah? I have never being in the pink canoe of a
Mother before so I don't know how it is in there or
how it feels riding in it.
We all know what Mrs. Williams wants, she wants
to live again and she wants to be happy again, I
am sure if I put my magical tongue in her cave of
wonders she would definitely come back to life
and she would be happy when I make juice spring
forth from her cave of wonders but happiness is
not all about that. She needs me to be a good
listener like I've been, she needs me to sooth her,
to make her feel loved and wanted; I am good at
doing those.

I was getting excited as I was thinking about all
these things, I was feeling like the relationship
between Mrs. Williams and I is going be a great
one for the both of us, but will it be? How is the
end going to be? We are getting to the end!
"Na PrinceEasy dey enter after this guy" King
Solomon said, just before my phone rang; has Mrs.
Williams gotten home? I thought she was the one
that was calling me so i quickly picked up my
phone and when I saw who was calling me I told
everybody to be quiet and pause the tape. Who
was calling me? Can you guess?
My Dad was calling me, he hardly calls me. As I
saw his call my heart began to malfunction, my
heart was not beating anymore, it was cutting, I
began to feel like I had the AUX cable plugged to
my heart, all my Niggas knew something was up
as they were all asking who was calling me, I told
them my Dad. Ghen-Ghen!
Why is my Dad calling me please? Has someone
called him to tell him all I did in his house, please
readers, shey I am not dead like this? I have to be
a man you know? Let me pick up first.
"Hello" it was my Mom that was on the other end,
"Hello Love, where are you?" Where am I? Quickly
I answered her, "I am in school maami, what is
going on? How are you?" She asked me if I went
home for weekend and I told her I didn't go
because they were not around.
"We are almost in Lagos; we just passed the
Redeem Camp. I will call you when we get home,
will you come?" I am finished; the house was still
in a complete mess, I can't finish cleaning before
they get home, how am I going to do it?
As she was dropping the call I told my Niggas
what was going on, I told them we have about an
hour and half to clean up and leave the house
before my parents come, My Niggas won't leave
me alone to it so immediately we started clearing
and cleaning the house, Division of Labour came
back to life that Saturday.

We cleaned the whole house and we left for
school. I didn't want to wait for them at home in
case they noticed something happened in the
house, it will be better if they call me to come
from school than for me to be there when they see
these things. I might decide not to go home for a
long time if anything happens and it will be hard
for my Dad to come looking for me in school, so
going to school is like running away, you dig?
"Ahh I'm dead, my Dad is calling me, maybe they
have found out what went down while they were
away!" That's what I thought to myself when I saw
my Dad calling me. I sensed my unease as I saw
his call, really ehn we cleaned up the house but
you know we might not clear all the evidences
because we were rushing but wait first let me pick
his call and hear what he wants to say.

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