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19 May 2016

My Virgin Cougar Episode 11

As I closed my eyes, I didn't know what was
happening again maybe she was still looking at
me or nah, I guess we were just both caught up
with the moment but as my eyes were closed I
think my lips moved closer to hers, all I knew was
our lips met, how did it happen? I really couldn't
explain, (like Wizkid – I can't explain o, but I was
feeling good that night).
As our lips first met, she didn't repel. She must
have moved her lips closer to mine too, for the
first few seconds we didn't kiss, our lips was just
touching, during those few seconds I opened my
eyes, I saw that her eyes were closed, that means
she was ready for the kiss yeah?
That triggered me, and I started kissing her, in the
softest way I could, thank God he blessed me with
a very soft lips, but her lips were way much softer,
she wasn't returning the kiss, maybe she wasn't
sure she wanted it, should I stop too or nah? I
decided to chill few seconds more, as I was
chilling, I gave her my knockout kiss, I did a magic
with my tongue, the magic was too much for her
to withhold as she started kissing me too!
There was something different about the kiss, is it
the age difference between us, kissing someone
older than you shouldn't feel that heavenly. The
kiss was beginning to sweet me, my yoghurt
slinger was beginning to sling yoghurt into my
boxers. If it was a babe I was kissing, I would have
started pressing her melons.
I think as I was wishing to go a step further she
was thinking of something like that too. I was just
trying to keep my hands to myself, doing that was
very hard but I had to, maybe if she caresses me I
might touch her too. She was getting really deep
with the kiss, the kiss was lasting longer than a
first kiss should, my tongue was doing more
magic than I expected, she was loving it, I knew
she didn't want to stop, something must have
triggered her from within as she just sharply cut
the legendary kiss going on. The kiss probably
happened because she was inebriated.
As she stopped the kiss she rested her head on
my chest, then I started rubbing her hair with my
right hand, I checked the time on wrist watch, the
time was 12:47am. The idea of making it back
home that night was erased, but where will I
sleep? On the same bed with Mrs. Williams, the
great kisser or on the couch?
Minutes after the kiss, we both didn't say
anything. She was just resting her head on my
chest and I was rubbing her hair. I was beginning
to think she has slept off on my chest, cause she
wasn't talking, she wouldn't even shake. The room
was cold, the atmosphere was bathetic.
"I should sleep now, let me just shower then
sleep, can you please help me get the towel" She
said as she was trying to stand up from the bed. I
went to get towel then handed it over to her, I
thought she wanted to undress right there in front
of me, I wouldn't have been able to stand it, but
she didn't, she took the towel with her and went to
the bathroom.
As she was in the bathroom, I called PrinceEasy to
know what was happening at my place, he didn't
pick, I tried calling King Solomon too, he didn't
pick, everybody I tried calling didn't pick, it was
then I began to panic because they will do
Landlord meeting because of me if they are still
partying at my place around that time.
I was looking real bothered, because I know the
kind of parents I have, if I they get to know the
shit I've been up to, the outcome wouldn't be
funny. I was still looking like someone that wants
to cry when I noticed that Mrs. Williams was done
showering. Quickly I changed my look, went back
to my 'Fine Boy' look. I really should shower too,
been through a lot too, from the party, to the
dance with Lola and all that.
Mrs. Williams came out in towel only after she was
done showering, immediately I saw her my
testosterone level increased by 170%, how could a
woman in her 40's be that set?!? I mean, I would
choose her over Lola and Vanessa, her body, her
curve, her cleavage… I was just wishing her towel
could drop and her honey pot should be exposed.
Staring at her while she was moving closer to the
bed was easy but I couldn't return the stare when
she stared right back at me, I just looked away but
I knew she must have caught me staring at her
hungrily. I needed to get out of the room
immediately or else, I might be tempted to pound.
Still looking away I said "I think I need to shower
too, I'm feeling somehow" of course I was feeling
somehow. So I stood up and removed my shirt and
shoe, thank God I had been hitting the gym before
that time, my abs wasn't all that it but it was still
something cool enough to make Mrs. Williams
stare for few seconds.
I went into the bathroom with my trousers on, I
took time in the bathroom because I was just
thinking, trying to think about what could be
happening at my place and trying to think about
what could happen between Mrs. Williams and I
was too heavy for my mind, I needed to spend
extra time in the bathroom since that is where we
all think smarter.
Finally, I came out of the shower and wore my
trousers before coming back into the room. "Oh
fuck it" I said to myself when I saw that Mrs.
Williams was sleeping already. "So where am I
going to sleep now?" I continue thinking, "maybe I
should just silently lie down beside her…" or what
do you guys think?
Let me just stay on the couch please, so I just sat
on the couch beside the bed looking at Mrs.
Williams face, Minutes later I was awake watching
her sleep, oh my God! Such beauty and
extravagance should be worshipped, the idea of
sleeping beside her was disturbing me, I found
myself drowning in the oceans of desire, I wanted
to know how sleeping beside such Sleeping
Beauty would feel but I had to chastise myself and
ignore the notion. Sleeping in the same room with
her is enough for me.
She moved like she was going to wake up, I
wanted to act like I was sleeping on the couch but
our eyes met before I could pretend, "are you not
sleeping?" she said to me. How can I sleep when
her aura of beauty and extravagance had
saturated the whole room and swamped my soul
with desires?
"I was just trying to sleep" I said to her, "I thought
you were sleeping" I added. Because the way she
woke up and the way her eyes were I could tell she
has not been sleeping. "I was just trying to sleep,
too many things bothering my mind" She said.
What could be on her mind? What could she be
thinking? Could she be thinking about…? No,
Can't be that.
"That place won't be comfortable for you, you can
come sleep beside me, the bed is big enough"
yeah guys, you read that right, she just called me
to come sleep beside her. I was scratching head,
acting like I haven't been dying to be in bed with
Mrs. Williams was the most beautiful woman I
have ever seen and fate had us sleeping in the
same bed. She was suffering in the chains of a
broken marriage and in the shackles of a Man that
doesn't care about her. She has been acting upon
the impulse and that was why she got herself
wasted… that is even probably why we kissed too
but will more happen? Will her marital issues
cause her to be intimate with someone young
enough to be her son? If Mrs. Williams and I
finished what we started would she be justified?
What do you guys feel? Drop your comments
below….. The more the comments the faster I drop
the next episode.

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