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19 May 2016

My Virgin Cougar Episode 10

You know it is not immediately you drink you start
feeling the effect; it takes time for the alcohol to
flow in your bloodstream then it fucks you up. Mrs.
Williams was very much alright when she came to
me, the alcohol hasn't really gotten into her
bloodstream but when she was taking me back to
my place I knew the chemicals had already started
functioning in her and even judging by what she
has been saying she and the way she was driving,
it was palpable that she was drunk.
We were few houses to my house when her car
broke down, as the car was jerking like it was
about to stop I thought it was the alcohol in her
that was manifesting; "Mrs. Williams is everything
alright?" I said with the fear of us crashing, I said
it with a different voice sef.
You know when we were talking before I was
talking like "You Just Gotta Love Me" (guys, you
understand na, you know the difference between
talking to Bae and talking to your Nigga) That was
how I was talking too when before but I noticed I
asked her if everything was alright with my
normal voice, no forming.
If she wasn't panicking too she would have noticed
the difference in the voice, but she was too busy
trying to get the car back into motion. She was
murmuring, I wasn't really hearing what she was
saying, like she was trying to figure something
out, She snapped her finger like yeah! I know it.
"That Nero guy didn't fix this car! Oh Shit, what
am I going to do now?" What could she do? What
would she do?
Taking a cab home was the best the best thing I
thought she could do. She's a very rich woman, so
I thought getting one of yellow cabs for her might
be degrading, might be a slap on her face,
imagining the way she would sit in the car tripped
me off the idea. So I said "I can get Uber to get you
I thought she was going to embrace the idea,
because it was Uber Black I had in mind for her,
and yes I was ready to spill few thousands on her.
After she told me about her marriage, I stopped
seeing her as a potential cougar; I stopped seeing
her as someone who I would love to exchange
pleasure for money with. I started seeing her as
someone who needed love and affection, care and
"I don't trust those Uber drivers, they always seem
too nice" should someone being too nice be a
problem? Oh, she has been drinking, since she
discarded what I planned; I asked her what she
was thinking. "Truth be told, I don't really want to
go home, all I do at home is just drown in sorrow
and heartache, and now that I'd be home alone I'll
probably drown in my alcohol" Truly as I heard
what she said I felt strongly for her, she doesn't
even bother about looking miserable to me, the
last time I saw her she was like an Angel living in
Paradise, but now the paradise seems to have
vanished but wait, if she doesn't want to go home
where would she go?
We were taking longer than I expected, Lola and
Vanessa need to get back to their place, there's a
party going on at my place, I should be there, one
wasted bastard should not go and break my Dad's
TV where will I see money to buy another one
before they come back? If that happens and my
Dad knows, he would burn me to death so that he
wouldn't have to spend on coffin.
I really needed to be home, I couldn't tell Mrs.
Williams to hurry up, I couldn't call Lola and
Vanessa, couldn't tell them to leave without me,
couldn't even call my friends because I found it
hard for me to tell Mrs. Williams to excuse me, I
felt she needed my attention 100%.
"Is there somewhere I could pass the night
around?" Is she asking if she could sleep
somewhere in my street? Should I just take her to
my house, Mum's not home na, Dad too is not
home, just a bunch of wasted young boys and
girls. That wouldn't be nice, my house will even
scatter if I come in with her, and they will probably
think my Mum came back.
I knew she wasn't talking about my place; she was
probably talking about a hotel. I can say every
street in Lagos have more than 2 hotels. "There's
somewhere close-by" I said to her, it's only few
distance away, how do we get there? Trek? Calling
a cab to take us there would be pure madness and
also walking in my street with someone old
enough to be my Mum would be dangerous if all
those amebo aunties see me.
I told her we could walk there, that was the best
thing to do and since it was late in the Night,
nobody might see me. "Knowing that I won't be
sleeping in that house tonight makes me feel
better, Please help me get my drink" She said as
she was getting herself together, ready to leave
the car.
As we alighted from her luxurious car that
removed to move, I was holding the alcohol she
gave me, I couldn't tell her to put it in her bag
because it might sound rude, so I just carried it
like that. When she saw it, she snapped at me
"Come on, give me that drink, why would you be
carrying alcohol and walking with me, what do you
want people to think?" I just smiled like it was
nothing "I even forgot I was carrying something" I
I didn't notice her body before then; I was too busy
thinking about many things but as I wanted to
hand the bottle over to her, her curves caught my
eyes, Oh damn! I've always been seeing her
seated inside her car that was the first time I saw
her standing; I still appreciating her body, every
man should worship that body, it was hard to
believe her husband doesn't even appreciate it, I
bet his wife is better than whoever his cheating on
her with.
She kept the bottle in her bag and we continued
moving. We didn't really talk when we were going,
and since the place was nearby it didn't take
forever for us to get there. The receptionist at the
hotel is one girl in my street, Adeola. I just started
setting her P and she said she doesn't trust me
because I'm a UNILAG boy, as she saw me with
her; she looked me like I said it, he's a bad boy.
Mrs. Williams sat down somewhere and told me to
go and make enquiry, I went to meet the
receptionist, "Adeola Wassup. My Aunty needs a
room, she just came back from Port Harcourt and
there's a party going on at my place so I needed to
bring her here, please give me the best room
available" She said OK, told me the amount.
"She's calling you" Adeola said to me, Mrs.
Williams must have gestured her to call me. I
turned back and she signalled me to come, she
had already prepared cash, looks more than the
amount but I collected it, went to pay and
collected the key, and kept the remaining cash in
my pocket (I'll give her later, I'm not keeping it.
At the back of my mind, I'd take her to the room,
let her settle down and I'll take my leave, and run
back to my house. As we got to the room, it was a
suite Adeola gave her, I turned the AC on, checked
if the bathroom was alright and looked around,
just to make sure she'd be alright when I leave.
"Thank God tomorrow is Saturday, I don't need to
wake up early for work" She said as she lay on her
back and sighed like she had a really stressful.
I didn't know what to say about that so I kept
quiet, She then called my name and said "please
can you help me unbuckle my shoe" As she said
this, my heart started pounding, unbuckle her
I couldn't say No, or how do I say no to that, so I
decided to help her with the shoe, as I was
loosening it, she said "I actually feel somehow, I
feel like I'm doing the wrong thing by not going
home tonight, I feel like a Cougar – staying in a
hotel with a Young Man, I should feel bad about it
but it feels good, I just don't know, it feels better
than staying in the room with that man, not
having my freedom, watching what to say and
what not to so that I won't be beaten but here it's
different, I could even tell you to help me remove
my shoe"
She was still talking even after I removed her
shoe, I was already seated, watching her, how she
was talking, how she was behaving, she was sad,
her emotions were killing her, to worsen the case
was the alcohol. You know there's a big difference
in drinking to chill and drinking to kill your pain or
When you drink to chill, the vibe is different, but
when you drink to kill your sorrow, it comes with
another different vibe that makes you miserable. If
you've ever been drunk due to break up or
heartbreak, you will understand better.
She kept talking, she kept pouring her mind, and
she was getting deeper with it that she started
weeping, but she was smiling as tears wear falling
from her eyes. She was maudlin and I didn't know
what to do; I didn't know what to say, I didn't
know how to soothe her, I also didn't know how to
excuse myself, I really needed to be home.
I didn't say anything, was still trying to figure out
what to say. She just kept on talking; she probably
forgot I was there. She was really talking and
crying, saying what makes sense and what
doesn't, talking about when her husband used to
be good, talking about how cruel and heartless he
is now, she was crying and smiling (she reminded
that Fela's song 'Suffering & Smiling). I knew she
was trying to stop but she couldn't. I was just
there looking lost, trying to figure out what I'd do.
Finally, she pulled herself together and stop
crying, she then sit up and looked at me and she
said "Please don't think I'm always like this, I
probably had too much to drink, I'm not always
this miserable" as she said miserable tears started
falling from her eyes again.
"Oh God, what is this I've gotten myself into
tonight?" I thought to myself. If it was a small girl
that was doing like that now I'd have known what
to do, if a babe comes to me crying about how her
boyfriend is treating her bad, I'd just tell her to let
me help her cheat on her boyfriend and she'd feel
good afterwards. But Mrs. Williams is way older
than I am; old enough to be my Mum; I couldn't
just talk anyhow, so I needed to be extra careful
with my words, so that she wouldn't feel I was
being disrespectful, apart from that she was too
heartbroken to be listening to thrash.
She continued talking, "I'm so sorry, I was not like
this, I used to be beautiful and radiant till that
man changed me" as I heard – I used to be
beautiful "Used to be beautiful ke" my inner man
said. She has been drinking and crying but still
she was still looking super cute, you know how
ugly some girls/women get when they are crying,
where there make up has washed off, 95% of
Human Being are ugly when crying but she wasn't
ugly; she was still beautiful.
I couldn't bear that she thinks she was not
beautiful, I couldn't bear the damage her husband
her done to her soul, her husband as broken down
her walls and made her see as herself as Nothing.
Men could be heartless sha, how can you treat a
woman that bad? I had to say something and stop
looking like I was watching 'Nkan Nbe'
Finally, My vocal cord functioned, I said "You're
still beautiful, even more than beautiful" she
looked at me, she didn't say anything, of course
the little I said wouldn't fix her, so I continued
talking "before I saw you that night, the first night
I saw you, I wasn't feeling good, I was feeling lost, I
was feeling like needed love" I didn't know where I
was going with the story I was telling, but since I
had to say something, I just kept talking without
knowing where I was headed.
"I walked round the school, I was looking for Love"
I then giggled, the sad type of giggling. "But then
when I saw you…" I paused to think about where I
was really going with the story I was telling her, I
already had her attention at that point, she was
looking at me like oya continue now.
I took a deep breath then I continued with the
story I was telling her, "But then when I saw you,
you looked completely different to me, you looked
like a tough woman but you were still beautiful,
you looked elegant but you were still down to
earth and appealing" I should stop there but I
continued talking "with the way your skin was
glittering, and the way your lips were moving
when you were talking, I couldn't keep my eyes off
you, it was then I wish I could know you more"
What am I saying? What am I doing? Am I toasting
Mrs. Williams? I wasn't, I was just trying to make
her know she still catches people's heart; I just
wanted her to know she was very beautiful and
having her would make any man feel like a god.
"When I couldn't reach you, when I was calling you
and your number wasn't going through, I was
really devastated, you should have seen how
happy I was when I got your call today, do you
noticed I recognized your voice when you called" I
wasn't expecting an answer but she nodded
positively, I was not done, I continued talking
"your voice had been playing in my head all
The more I talked about how beautiful she was;
the more her smile glowed, the more I talked
about how any man would be lucky to have her
the more he beauty shines. After I said everything,
her tears were gone, she looked more beautiful,
she was really blushing, she couldn't even look at
me in my face, by this time I forgot about going
home. Making her smile and all made me feel
good about myself and I was ready to do that all
through the night. (hehe)
"That night there was something different about
you and the way you were staring at me, no one
has looked at me like that in a long time, the way
you looked at me made me feel good about
myself, you were not looking at me like a boss like
most men do, you were not looking at me like a
Thrash like my Husband does, the way you were
looking at me made me remember when I was 16,
when every guy wanted me, that was exactly why
I wanted to see you again" I thought she was
stopping there, so I wanted to say something but
she continued "I didn't know all these would
happen tonight but you made me feel better,
you're really a comforter". She looked at me like
and she said "Thank You."
As she said Thank You, she opened her arms like
she was calling me to come hug her, I was sitting
on the couch beside the bed, and the distance
between us wasn't really much. She was sitting on
the bed, so I was a little bit confused of how I was
going to hug her, but her arms were still opened I
had to stand up to sit beside her, as I sat beside
her, I was afraid of her hearing my heart beat
because it was beating really hard.
I sat beside her, then I took my arms around her
and we hugged. The hug was taking longer than
normal; I guess it felt good and comforting to her
as much as it felt to me. Finally, we let go but she
didn't completely as she rested her head on my
shoulder and said "I think I've found a new friend,
a friend to comfort me"
"My Friend, why don't you tell me about you? I
don't really know much about you" She said still
putting her head on my shoulder. What am I in
going to tell her about me? I told her about school,
I told her about how UNILAG was killing me, told
her what I'd love to do after school, she looks like
someone that will have connect, she might be able
to help a Nigga after school. After talking about
school, I told her about my love life, I told her I was
not seeing anybody, I told her since my last
girlfriend was too complicated, I decided to take a
break from relationships and face something else.
"So as cool and charming as you are you don't
have a girlfriend" she said to me. "Why is it that
good people always meet bad people?" She really
threw that question to me; she was expecting me
to answer her. What could my answer be? Since
she was resting her head on my shoulder the
moment was a bit too touchy for me, it was a
touchy moment, and I needed to be careful and
"I really don't know, that's just life but I guess
good finally met good" that was my reply, she
looked at me, don't forget she was resting her
head on my shoulder, so as she looked up, our lips
were few inches apart, if I pout our lips could
meet, I was looking at her looking at me with our
lips close to each other. (What do you think? Are
we going to kiss?)
We were gazing at each other; I didn't know what
to think? Maybe to kiss her or not, maybe she
wanted it or not, I was just there and she was just
there too, looking at me straight in my eyes, I
didn't know what was running through her mind, I
couldn't take it again, I closed my eyes, seeing her
sexy lips that close to mine wasn't healthy for me,
my tummy banana was already hard like bo-le
(roasted plantain).

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