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7 May 2016

Error 404, An Opportunity.

Having trouble solving a difficult problem?
It's happened to all of us. You're searching for
something online and then, all of a sudden, you hit
a dead end. You've gotten a 404 error. For some
companies and websites, a 404 page is just a functional alert to
tell users that they've tried to reach an
unreachable destination ... but it doesn't have to be this way.

Maybe there is an alternative, What if this error page was also an opportunity for you to create a new thing,
to create that page which has never been there...
that page which people sees as unreachable destination.

Same thing applies to our daily lives, sometimes we strive so much to get some things done, to make our dreams reality but we never taught that
maybe the dream we call our
dream is just a mere dream, while our real dream lies on the 404 error....the to-come dream of the whole city or maybe continent...maybe all we
needed is to strive hard and overcome the 404 and create that billion dollar dream.

One of the greatest mysteries of our generation is
how certain content goes viral. Maybe its our destiny to create that page of life which has not been available. Often times, innovation isn't the result of one
person's efforts, but rather the "collective creativity" of many so try and work in group if it is becoming so hard.

In my research I noticed that most great men really love error 404 a lot cos it gives them the zeal and opportunity to create that which eyes has never seen before and in that process creating an unending legacy.

Quote FACEBOOK, GOOGLE and co.

In many companies, people get bragging rights for
staying up 'till all hours of the night, slaving over
projects ... but in reality, you could be much more
successful if you got the right amount of shut-eye.
Not to say that level of dedication isn't needed at
times, but it shouldn't be the norm for us.

In the end...try and overcome that error 404...create that new page.

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