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18 May 2016

Easy And Home Remedies For Pimples Naturally.

Some people refrain from taking edibles like groundnuts, fried food, butter e.t.c. In an attempt to prevent pimples from appearing on their faces. There may be some relationship between fatty food and eruption of pimples on the face.
However, a more reliable cause of pimples, particularly in women are due to excessive or scanty flow of menstruation, irregular menstruation, and excess of heat in the body.
Here are the easy and common ways to treat pimples naturally.

1• Effort should be made to remove excess heat from the body. There are local remedies that are within reach which can also help, they range from local herbs and soap to bitter leaf, honey, aloe vera, passion flower and mud.
For prickly heat, the best remedy is to bath the area by rubbing alcohol or applying alternatively hot and cold compresses which will help to clear the troublesome and irritating condition.
And during excessive heat, do not take food rich in sugar because it heats the system. One should also abstain from tea and coffee during heat because they excite the system and also peppery food too.
Other remedies include vegetable and fruits such as water melon, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, garlic, bitter leaf, and nzu (native chalk).
Nzu(native chalk) can be functionally used as a facial clay/ mask for treating pimples, rashes and also to cleanse one's face and ensure its smoothness.

2• Take a mixture of lemon juice and water for menstrual pains, that is, one lemon to a tea cup of warm water at a time. It is very helpful in menstrual pains and it increases the flow where it is scanty.
It is to be noted that many people refrain from taking lemon juice because they fear it is very acidic. However, when diluted properly in water, tea or wine the level of acidity is reduced. And the body has the ability to convert acidic fruits to alkaline substances. So, there is no cause for alarm for stomach ulcer as some fear provided that the basic conditions where not already there.

3• Over and above number 1 and 2 above, rub your first urine on your face and round your neck on regular basis. It has a wonderful effect on your face. It curtails expenses on medicine and unnecessary beauty care.

4• Sock cotton wool in lemon juice and rub it gently on stubborn pimples. It helps in drying them up.

5• Last but not the least. For men, use of first urine as an after shave is recommended. Rub it on your face after shaving with a sharp razor blade or clipper. It offers a person a clean shave and rash-free chin.

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