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9 May 2016

Discipline, The Keyword To Success.

Lying on my bed, with taught on my mind. It rings as a bell
from my heart strait to my head consecutively, all I could hear and think of is discipline. In my earlier post I made
mention of the fact that as I
try as much to inspire others I do that to myself too so here is one of the things that keeps me living up to this extent.
Discipline they say is the bridge
between goals and
accomplishment by Jim Rohn and according to Wikipedia Discipline is the suppression of base desires, and is
usually understood to be synonymous with restraint
and self-control. But I say discipline is simply the keyword to success, it is that key to your billion dollar job
and dreams.
Being disciplined does not just stop at obeying your parents and
seniors at high school or maybe the law of the land or maybe the commandments of God. It goes beyond the picture of those to the picture of
yourself being able to discipline your own self, knowing when its
time for this and that...the time to stop and reverse, the time to say no, the time to say yes.
Being disciplined make your know the unrelevant friends and when to drop them since all you meet in life are
not meant to be part of your life forever. Although there are many types of conducting discipline but time and fact has shown that self discipline is the best way, helping you achieve your dreams.
Now, what are the steps to discipline yourself?
Improving your self discipline means changing
up your normal routine, which can be
uncomfortable and awkward. When a behaviour becomes habit,
we stop using our decision-making skills and
instead function on auto-pilot. So,
breaking a bad habit and building a new habit does
not only require us to make active decisions. Your brain will resist the change and decisions
in favour of what it has been programmed to do.
What to do? Embrace that which you think is the wrong. Acknowledge
that it will take a while for your new behaviour to
feel right or good or natural. Keep moving along and you'll see yourself turning a new living.
Self control is a
crucial first step when working to improve your self discipline.
Removing all temptations
and distractions from your environment. If you want to improve your
focus while working, turn off your cell phone
and remove the clutter from your desk.
Another way of self discipline is to Forgive
yourself and keep moving forward.
When you have a setback, acknowledge what
caused it and move on. It is easy to get
wrapped up in guilt frustration or anger but
these emotions will not help build improve self
discipline. Instead, use the mistakes in your plan
as learning experiences for the future.
Then try as much as possible to eat well. Don't work on empty stomach. Eating often regulates your blood
sugar levels and improves your decision
making skills and concentration allowing your
brain to focus on your goals and priorities
instead of on your empty stomach. You are very much likely to have a
weakened self control in all areas of
our life if you don't eat well.
With these discipline strategies your billion dollar achievements are assure.

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