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7 May 2016

Develop Curiosity About Your Limits.

You can't grow in one area of life if you are not curious about it.
So expand your mindset by reading something which stretches your mindset and strengthens your spirit everyday.
Thank God our information age has made it easy for all curious minds. With a simple
click of the mouse or swipe of the thumb, we are
instantly transported into a world that will gladly
meet our every questioning.

Our world has become a constant feed of
information and entertainment. And without an
intentional, limited approach to curiosity, our
minds are left to wander into all areas of society
that do not directly concern us. But we can't be taken hostage by your own mind. Try as much to surround yourself with "I can do" taught and energy.

Read and meditate in stories of people who are actively seeking to create, imagine, reinvent and change their life for better. Move forward, go around, look ahead and stretch above your present circumstances.
We would be wiser if we develop a curious mind about our limits. We simply can know all we need to know.

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