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21 March 2016

Simple ways to boost your confidence!!

Sometimes you might feel insecure, trust me I really do understand, you might as well feel intimidated, being with your mates makes you feel out of the picture, you are not comfortable when you are with people you are not familiar with.

Trust me I know that feeling, it happened to us all before we ever know the solution, that moment you feel everybody around your is more valuable, handsome and prettier than you are, that moment you feel so insecure, just know that you are so beautiful in your own unique way.

Everybody is being created with a reason introvert or extrovert, all still have a reason for life. You prefer spending time alone or with one or two close friends, especially when tired.
You concentrate best when alone, and often give the impression of being quiet, calm and even mysterious. You feel that you gain energy and strength from being alone.

There are ways you can overcome the barriers that introversion can present. How about learning a trick or two from extroverts? Developing slightly more outgoing traits can help you cope "amid the noise and haste" and stand your ground in busy crowds of people. Speak out. The more you make your voice
heard, the more positive feedback you'll
receive, and the easier it will become.

At parties, try playing the role of the host.
Introduce people to each other. Let them begin a conversation that isn't about you, so you can relax. Ask open-ended rather than closed-ended, yes or no questions.
Do not wait till you do anything special or out of the box to be object of attention cos this is likely going to move you ahead in your professional life much faster than when you are shy and reserved. Finally, I'll say, don't dwell largely in a realm of imagination.

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