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24 March 2016

My Virgin Cougar Episode 2

*Episode 2*
READ Episode 1 here.

Last week on "Tale of the virgin Cougar"
It was around 9'O clock in the evening, the sky was lit by the splendor of the Moon and the glory of the stars, cold wind was blowing; that kind of Night was made for loving…
Welcome to the 2 episode of 'Tale of the
virgin cougar' Hope you enjoyed the 1
It's around 2a.m and I'm still fully awake with my
heavy heart and my clouded mind, after last night
encounter I found it very hard to sleep. I have so
many things to figure out, so many questions to
be answered.
Should I call her or nah? What will I say when I call
her? Am I getting myself a Cougar? Could she be
one of those wealthy old Lagos Women Ritualists?
You know if you've seen enough Nollywood flicks,
you'll think about all these, because you hardly
see a relationship between an Old Woman and a
Young Man that doesn't involve exchange of
Destiny or eventual killing of one another. In short,
Nollywood taught me nothing good can come out
of having a Cougar.
Should I be scared or nah? Am I safe or nah? Do I
want to see her again? Everything around me
paused for a while even my heartbeat when this
question popped in my mind. Do I really wish to
see her again??? Hell fucking yeah! I need to
confirm if everything I saw last night was true.
She's too beautiful to be Human; thoughts of how
sleek and fabulous she was crossed my mind
again…I was on these thoughts till I crept into the

Here comes the morning, I was still in bed, half
awake-half sleeping. You know those type of
morning when you are just in bed, not fully awake
but still conscious of your environment…
visualizing all your thoughts, something like an
illusion? It's like you're dreaming but it's just the
display of what you're thinking.
I had the loveliest hallucination. I created the
exact type of relationship I want with her and I
was living in it, it definitely felt super good. I was
still rolling deep with the ocean of my lovely
hallucination till I suddenly remembered my 8am
class… I had to jump out of bed and prepare for
Now I'm in class with my guys, we just finished
the first lecture; we are trying to chill for the
Second lecture. We were talking about random
things when one of them asked me "Guy, where
were you last night?" What will I say? Should I
give them the gist, should I tell them about last
night's escapade… let me just keep quiet for now
cause I'm not even sure I'll see her again, I'll give
them the gist later, maybe when she plans to
meet me again. In case I don't make it back, they
will know how to find me.
"I was in my room all night men, I wasn't feeling
too fine but I'm fine now" I thought they believed
me till he said he came to check me in my room
and I was not in. Sarcastically I said "Did you
check under my bed?" I had to say something silly
so they can get off my case.
My day didn't go exactly as I planned, but it was
not a bad day after all. I'm done with classes; I'm
back to my condo (hostel) so I decided to take a
shower. I was in the bathroom when the thought
of calling her started bothering my mind. I was
still thinking about what to say when the idea of
calling her right there in the bathroom popped. I
embraced it!
I know it's not just me that does everything better
in the bathroom, I'm like 10 times smarter when
I'm in the bathroom, I think better, I sing better, I
have better ideas, even when it comes to making
love, I make better love in the bathroom.
Since my phone was right in the bathroom with
me, I picked up my phone and called her. I could
tell my heart wanted to jump out and run when
the call went through; I pulled myself together
since I'm in my Comfort Zone (my bathroom) 'no
panicking in here Nigga'.
The phone kept ringing, nobody picked. 'Maybe
she's busy' I thought to myself. The call almost
dropped when someone picked up "Hello" hold
on! She has picked…show time!!
"Hello, who's on the line please" she repeated. I
cleared my throat, I told her the Young man from
last night. "Hey Young Man, I thought you
wouldn't call, I waited for your call all night last
night" oh really? Was she expecting me to call
immediately? Why does she even like calling me
Young Man 'I'm sorry about that; I just thought
calling this evening would be better' I don't even
know if that was the right thing to say. "Oh that's
good. I'm in a middle of something right now…this
is your number yeah? I'll text you pretty soon
might not be able to call, is that fine?" She asked.
Of course it is fine!! Super fine sef, I felt good
maybe it's the voice or because she has been
expecting my call. I could tell she was very busy
so I shouldn't long thing again, I blustered 'Alright,
that's good. Bye' "Later Dear" and she dropped
the call
Unconsciously, I started singing *I'm in love with
the coco, I got it for the low low, I'm in love with
the coco* and in my mind I was subbing the coco
for Cougar. I continued bathing; I was having a
nice shower. I was in the middle of this when my
phone rang, could she be the one calling back?
Quickly I washed my face and picked up my
Look who is calling me, Vanessa X, my Ex, that's
why I added the X to her name. What does she
want again this time? I picked up and heard
something strange "Hey Boo, you didn't want to
pick your call shey? Are you avoiding me?" LOL, I
ignored her question and acted like I didn't hear
anything, I'm not even ready for her troubles right
now, so I asked her straight up 'Vanessa wassup,
what do you want?' "ahn ahn, are we fighting ni,
please can you come to my place tonight? All my
roomies are going out and I don't want to be alone
in the room"
After hearing this I smiled and so did my John
Thomas, there might be chance for some knacks, I
thought to myself. To be sure if she wanted that I
asked her 'so what are we going to be doing alone
in the room?' She laughed, "You this Boy, come
jhur, please". Alright I'm definitely going to her
place tonight, I need some action and apart from
that I've missed Vanessa for one thing and that's
the wonderful head she gives.
"alright call me when you want me to come" she
decided to make me feel not so special and said
"like you have any other option, see you later Boo,
I Love You" I usually don't reply her whenever she
says that, cause I know she doesn't love me, she's
just confused. So I just said 'Oshey Lover Girl' and
dropped the call.
Back to shower, thinking about all I'd do to
Vanessa later in the day. My sweet Vanessa baby,
wa fe ku laleyi.

Done with the bathroom, I decided to take a nap
before tonight's adventure. I was still lying in bed
when my phone beeped and it was a text from my
sweet Mrs. Victoria Williams. The text reads
"Sorry I was busy when you called, I'd be coming
to see my Son this evening. Should I call you when
I'm around? Will you be available?"
OK, OK, OK, what am I going to do? Who should I
see tonight? My Ex, Vanessa or Mrs. Victoria
Williams? Should I tell Vanessa I would be busy
later in the day? Or tell Mrs. Williams something I
won't be around, wouldn't that be rude?
What Should I do????
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