My Virgin Cougar Episode 1 TrendyVoice

24 March 2016

My Virgin Cougar Episode 1

It's around 9'O clock in the evening, the sky is lit
by the splendor of the Moon and the glory of the
stars, cold wind is blowing; this kind of Night is
made for loving, ideas came to my mind also did
flourishing and ecstatic feeling. I felt lost, alone,
torn! Damn! I need love, I thought to myself. I
decided to take a walk maybe I can find love,
apparently, I've been on this quest for a while
now. Will I find love tonight?
I started wandering from my hostel, Biobaku… to
Kofo then Amina – I should see a girl on the quest
for love too, I thought to myself, maybe we could
bond…I saw none.
From Amina, I went to New Hall. New hall was
crowded as usual and everyone I saw in New Hall
seemed to be on different quests, they all seem
hungry for the same shii… they want to knack
(and getting a place to do this on campus is a
problem for most UNILAG boys).
From New Hall to Moremi, Moremi was depressing;
is it a crime not to have a car? Moremi girls made
me give up on love and refocus on hustle, they
made me feel like there is no love for trekking
Niggas; they dissed niggas on 2 legs and drooled
over niggas on 4 legs.
Men it's time to go back to my hostel, show my
bed and pillow some love, I bet they miss me
already because I'm not usually out this late. I
shouldn't have come out in the first place.
"Oh! Hold On, there is one hostel left, Honours,
should I go there or nah?" I could feel my legs
murmur: nigga we don't wanna go there – This
Hostel is the deserted island on Campus and it's
not every UNILAG Boy usual route, except there's
a special parole, I heard a lot happens in that
Going there would be arduous, so I decided to
shred the idea. I was about to leave for my hostel
when I decided to pause and just do a re-look of
my environment… just then did a car oozing
luxury park beside me asking for directions, inside
this car was an adorably-light skinned-fresh-to-
death woman, as hot as the Sun; I couldn't stop
looking, wealth dripping off her, Sweet Jesus! I
was beauty struck.
"Hello Young Man, please how can I get to Biobaku
Hall?" I was still deep in scrutiny, I almost forgot
the direction to my Hostel. I managed to stutter:
that's my hostel and that's where I'm headed.
"Young Man, let help each other, I'll give you a
ride" When I heard this, I promised you, every
muscle in my body just wanted to sit beside this
'Woman-Lady'. This moment I forgot all the stories
I've heard about rich fine women using young
nigga for ritual. I didn't even think about it nor
hesitated. I jumped in and sat down
We started our journey to Biobaku, She wore this
skimpy black gown, she was ravishing in it and I
couldn't take my eyes off her. She caught me
staring on various occasion, she began to feel
uncomfortable, so she decided to start a gist.
She told me her name, Mrs. Victoria Williams, I
told her mine. She's in her 40's, she's been
married for 19 years, she has just one son, and
she is a financial consultant. She talked about
having issues in her matrimony and she might be
divorced soon.
I looked at her despondently, it's quite sad that a
woman who is that beautiful is going through
hardship in her marriage; I mean she deserves the
best of everything. I commiserated with her, said
some soothing words to her, I guess it helped, as she smiled faintly.
As we were getting close to my hostel, she made
some oral communications that thrilled me to bits
"you seem like a nice guy, you're calm, the way
you look at me makes me feel like I'm 16 again,
you made me blush and for a moment I forgot my
worries" I was happy AF deep within me, so she
liked the way I was staring at her!
We're outside my hostel now "I will like to see you again Young Man, will you call me?" as I was still trying to figure out an answer to this billion dollar question…she gave me her card and softly she said "Call Me", softly I replied too with a faint- hearted smile 'alright, goodnight'.
Now I'm back in my room, lying on the bed, wearing my once in a decade smile, I could hear the beat my heart was producing and I was thinking out loud like I am Ed Sheeran, have I found love or I'm still on my quest?

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