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13 December 2015

Working With Nollywood (My Story) Part 1

Was planning for a TENT 2015 Gathering when I received a call from a Nollywood movie director asking me to be part of their current movie production (name still with-held). I had no option but to accept cos I have not had an experience like that before in my life.

As I try as much to inspired people I do same to myself, I said "Valentine, no experience is a waste, so go do this". Straight away I freshened up, yes I have to go for the audition first to see which role(cast) I'll fit in since I have not done a movie before. Now, I can't go alone so I called a friend Pablo by nick who happened to be a Mass Communication student since its his field of studies.

Ok, we are at a hotel which happens to be the venue for the audition. Waited for hours for the director before he finally arrived, while we where waiting I had a lot of fun from comedians that's came for the same audition, it was lively. Now, the director didn't waste any time but shared the scripts to us divided in groups I was given a roll to practice which I told myself the truth "this role will be best acted by Mike Ezuruonye".

My group tried their best but I guess since we are still newbies we are not to be given a lead role. Finally I was casted as an angel that came in form of orphan along-side a popular actor Amaechi Muonagor. The audition wasn't easy at all. It was like hell in a cell, you struggle to scale through. Yes, did I forget Pablo? No, he was casted as a bad guy in school.

I was so excited working with Nollywood, though I have never had a dream of being an actor, It never came to my mind. Although Ben Emeh is a movie director. On my next post I'll tell you how the production went, how I ended up doing my first movie.

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  1. Nice one Val... small small, The sky will be your footstone...

    great post..



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