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21 December 2015

The Wonders Of Human Body.

A brief look at our body will be of great help to the diagnosis of diseases. Science tells us that the human body appeared on earth more than 5million years ago and it is the most wonderful machine that can work perfectly well non-stop for upwards of 100 years.

In fact, the human body is the greatest wonder in the universe. There is no machine in our present machine-age that is not found in our body. Think of the automatic, delicate, but the most powerful machines, heart and lungs, a non-stop pumping set; think of the eyes, a wonderful camera and projector system. What of the stomach, a wonderful chemical laboratory or the ear, an outstanding sound system. You cannot but talk of the brain a computer with infinite capacity containing over 20,000 chips of which genius among us uses just 15% of it with 85% still left untouched.

Our body can simply be described as a mobile factory. The foundation in which this factory is built is the 206 bones of different types known as skeleton. These bones are mainly of calcium and phosphorus and a little amount of mineral compound. Many of these bones are hollow inside where the most vital new red cells are generated.

It is worthy of note to know these bones complete their growth by 23 years and afterwards height does not increase. The bones and their joints need the help of the muscles in order to function properly. On a general note, the human body has the capability of detecting and curing diseases itself.
What a wonder!!


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