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12 December 2015

Procrastination - Failure's most successful strategy.

Remember that a duty dodged is like a debt unpaid, it is only differed and we must come back to settle the account at last. Procrastination is failure's most successful strategy.

Do you normally use the word "UNTIL"?

Until am less tired, Until I get promotion, Until I settle down, Until there is enough time. When using words like this just remember time waits for no one, things change within a blink of an eye.

Procrastination! Yes! It is failure's most successful strategy, what the fool does in the end the wise does in the beginning. Don't be a fool by falling for the charms of procrastination.

One step at a time, don't wait for tomorrow cos you might be surprised there may not be tomorrow. Start something new, try to improve daily and at last try as much not to be using words like "Later", "Until", "Will Still" e.t.c

Procrastination kills dreams.

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