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21 December 2015

I Hate To Tell Stories That Have Already Been Told.

I hate to tell stories that have already been
told. I do not wish to tell you of those things I
find disgusting in society. I do not wish to tell
you about the things responsible for the
downfall of men, neither am I set to enlist to
you my boring list of virtues, for it has helped

I do not wish to put to your mind the virtuous
vice called relationship. I do not wish to tell
you of her laws and her flaws, neither am I set
to tell you of how it has helped men or
drowned them.

I do not wish to tell you these things not just
because I don't believe in them, nor because I
do not want you to learn my views about them,
but also because this story has been told for
countless times.

I listened to a friend of mine talk about
relationships yesterday. She talked about the
love, she talked about the beautiful moments
when kisses shielded you away from reality,
when cuddles could prevent flying arrows,
when conversations could wipe a thousand
tears . I must confess I was charmed by her
view of relationships, and I agree with her
conclusion that a good relationship can build
anybody into whatever they set out to become.

I have had a fair share of the wonderful things
in relationships, but I am of the view that he
who must go far, is better off sleeping alone
than cuddling. This is so, not because I have not
opened my mind to think like this my friend,
but because after she told me about the
wonderful things, she ended the lecture by
telling me how her boyfriend is limiting her
from doing a whole lot of things.

I would love to tell you the story of my friend,
but my pride would not let me retell a story
already told, I have not said she is headed for
doom, but she is better off single than in a
relationship, the same goes for her boyfriend,
who is also my friend.

Since I can not tell you their story, I want you
to observe relationships around you, how they
begin as wonderful individuals then end up in a
relationship where they beautifully influence
each other negatively, the rest of the story,
that you know and that I can not tell.

I hope I have not said much, there by retelling
a story already told. I hope I have not told you
about my friend, even if I did, I hope you do
not understand what I have said, and above all,
I hope I have not told a story already told.

Credit: Jindu.

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