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11 December 2015

How Old Is Your Attitude?

I was sitting at a football viewing center in my hood listening to an after-match conversation of some people. There dialogue wasn't encouraging that made me threw out this question to one of them "How Old Is Your Attitude"? He didn't reply, now let me ask you that is reading this post, how old is your own attitude?

Do you always give room for improvement or do you stand still in life? The last time someone asked "what's new"? What was your reply? What will people say about your life if they are to be asked?

You are destined to grow, learn and improve. From one you may learn what to do and from another what not to do. I learn what not to do from the mistake of others, what about you?
Do you know you can learn more from a wise man's wrong than a fool's right? What am I insinuating? Keep dreaming high, relate well with people higher than you in your field.

Be creative. You will get more of every part of your life if you stay incurably curious, so it is never too late to start thinking more creatively. Remember your purpose of life is to have purpose. Have passion for what you do always. Use your potentials and be optimistic in all, it leads to achievement. At last I'll say...don't hate, if you want to be miserable then try hating. Try a change of attitude for better. Good attitude pays.

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