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19 November 2015

How to restore one's battered skin colour.

Restoring Natural Skin Colour.

As we might have already noted, the skin is porous and exhales toxins from the body. If one is already bleaching one's skin with harsh creams, one can still restore one's skin colour to its natural colour. There is need for you to stop using bleaching cream withe that the danger is great.

Experience shows that one sweats a lot once one appears under the sun no matter how wild the heat of the sun may be. And if one has the misfortune of being operated upon, the wound hardly heals. Besides, many people have their attitude towards people with bleached skin. This you say it doesn't matter but it really does. Many ladies has lost their would be husband as a matter of this.

HOW does one restore one's battered skin to its natural colour?

Now here are the steps::
Once more convince yourself that your natural skin is good.


Pay great attention to balance diet.
 Personal hygiene demands that one should take one's bath at-least twice daily, i.e in the morning and in night using non-bleaching soap.

After taking your bathe, dry you skin and the rub your first urine on your body particularly on you neck, face, hands, legs and other parts of your body as far as you may deem fit.

Have oil massage at least twice a month if you have dry skin.

Use Vaseline as your body cream for at least one month.


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