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14 November 2015

Gratitude Challenge!

Gratitude Challenge!

 Last time i checked, i was nominated for a gratitude challenge by Lex of Lexhansplace. 
 So i accepted the challenge and now and doing what the challenge says. 

 1) You have 72 hours to accept the challenge when you are nominated. 

2) Write or say 5 things you are grateful for on any social media platform. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Blog or anywhere.

3) Display a picture of gratitude. A picture simple that makes (or made) you smile in a day. It is not an opportunity to show off how rich you are. Let it be something that is simple (and inexpensive) yet a blessing. Hope you understand? Ok.

4) Nominate 5 other people in your circle. Ensure that you inform them immediately. 
*Now, i wont waste your time but tell you 5 things am grateful to God for.

Yes, salvation. Can't stop thanking God for bringing salvation to mankind through his son Jesus Christ.

As we all know, life is one of the most precious gift given to us by God. Its the ultimate if i should put it that way. As we all know that ones there is life there is hope.

We all have a code, mine is my fam..They are my joy.

So i said friends. United we stand, divided we fall. I have learned a lot from my friends, even thing that i can't learn at school, mom doesn't teach them but friends does. I make a lot of friends, some end up being good while some are bad but at last i learn from both and that made me who i am today.

It made me know the good friends and the bad too. It made me come up with StingerXpress which i am and will still be putting much value to.

*Mojah of Ablemojah
* Sandra of Gistpoints
*Emmy of Emmyworldwide
*Dj Young of DYE  

*Lucion of Afraka Alliance

Its your turn now, your challenge starts NOW!

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