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18 October 2015

Where We Fail To Understand Love.

I Know You TEXED or SENT a message To Someone but you got NO REPLY right? Message got delivered and definitely he or she saw It but didn't Reply.
Then you log in on your FACEBOOK and you see them updating status. You went straight to WHATSAPP to easy your temper and saw them online. Then You wonder who they are chatting? Why can't he or she reply
me? You ask yourself these questions, what you've done wrong.

You've not done anything wrong my dear, I know it hurts so much being ignored by someone you so much like or love with your heart, but did you know they are facing the same PROBLEM as YOU? They are busy chasing those they love or like. They have also been texting but got no reply just like you? Yeah off course they are going through the same.
But here we are blaming each other over nothing, stressing and thinking over someone who is busy thinking over someone else.

Loving someone who is
in love with another. This is where everyone fails
to understand love. That's why most people gets hurt and suffer heart breaks.
Step up, yes I know you can't forget him or her but try as much to get him or her off your mind. Write down his or her number somewhere else and delete it from your phone, avoid meeting him or her one on one (all these are to avoid being hurt).
I believe what will be will be, some people we meet in life are destined to be just friend or perhaps business partners.
Please please and please don't give your heart to just everyone that comes your way, the right person will surely come, all you need to do is stay focused.

I hope you'll find this useful, cos since it worked for me it'll work for you too.

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