22 October 2015


In my last post we discussed about LIFE and COMPETITION saying that TO LIVE IS TO COMPETE. Now our topic for today is on RIVALRY.
I your own language, what do you understand about the term rivalry?

At this point I know that your answers will be negative but let me quickly describe the word rival according to (Webster's New American Dictionary, page 1220), its says "a rival is a person who tries to get or surpass another in some ways, an associate or companion in some duty."

The above description show that rivalry is not originally an enemy as many people may see it, a rival can be anybody who is in the same profession or vocation. Secondly, rivalry is one of the characteristics human employed to improve talents, profession or vocation. Now, when humans do things to improve his or herself people see it as strange and they'll start hating.

Here I must tell you that if do not work hard to improve your existing situation you'll be seen and taken as a lazy person simply, maybe because you don't want to be seen as a rival to some people. Then why nurture that believe when it is also written in the scripture that darkness competes with light and with that, darkness is light's rival. Again in the scriptures when the three servants where given talents two of then improved and where praised but the third one was blamed and his talent where taken away from him, do you know why? Its because he refused to be a rival.
Truth bounces back on whoever denies it always. If there is no competition and rivalry there will be no progress and that nature for you. Even the phone or computer you are using now to read this first version was initially invented by someone and was later upgraded by another, that's rivalry.
Are you been drawn back from making your efforts and hustle in anyway simply because you don't want to be seen as a rival or you hate rivalry, now am telling you to come off that taught, put a stop to it cos i tell you, there is no successful person that is not a rival to someone else. That the way nature kept it and its hight time we start believing.


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