20 October 2015


Yes, i tell you that to live is to compete, now how?
Let me start by defining COMPETITION:
It is being in rivalry, to contend in a contest; sports, quiz etc.
And to live means that the person in question is breathing and participating in human activities, it also means facing the up and downs of daily activities as others.

Now, when people hear the word "competition" they get biased thinking only of the negative aspect of it. Many forgets that even to deny that humans are competing is another silent competition itself.
Hence some affirm and promote competition indirectly without knowing it.
All activities both negative, positive, explicit or implicit make life and this means interacting with others, trying to solve the life problems some haven't are all competitions. There are ideas seen associated with somebody on this earth, when that idea is brought out, it competes.

When people hear of the word "competition" they get afraid because of the difficulties associated with it, they only remember immediately those who have competed and failed, what of those who succeeded? Yes some people kill each other out of jealousy in competition and this should not be.
Life is like a market and in every market people compete, each with his or her own marketing strategy. In other words we need more words to defend a lie than a truth.
With these reasons and many more facts around us I'll tell you that really, as far as someone lives he or she is bound to compete.


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