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22 October 2015

The Harms Of Poor Meal Habits.

Its is worthy of note to know that it is not only that we need to take great care of what we eat but we should also pay great attention to our manner of eating. Nature has given us teeth to chew all foods so we should make it a habit to chew all foods including liquid food and soft foods like ice-creams, chocolates and so on at least 8-12 times.

You might wonder how to chew liquid foods or even soft drinks but the important thing here is that you should delay the liquid for some time in your mouth. Now, the delay of these foods is to enable saliva to mix with them properly cos it is only in saliva that sugar digests which means you may be inviting diabetes by eating without proper chewing.

Therefore, it is advisable to chew your food properly when eating and try as much as possible to talk less while eating. Instead of discussion at table while eating soft music should be played. This will assist one to take out time to chew properly. It will be of great note to know that it is not the quantity of food you eat that counts but it is the food that is digested that gives the body energy for good health.

Again it is more important to take note that the issue of drinking water is part of our diet. Try to take one or two cups of water first in the morning as soon as you wake up before brushing. With reasons that the saliva at waking up is antibiotic. It is also important to note that drinking water at meals is not that healthy. Instead water should be taken 30 minutes before or after meals to prevent gas problem. Finally, one should take serious care of his or her digestive system and be careful about what we eat and the way we eat.


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