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13 October 2015

Shadows Kill The Lion In You

Days are gone when men create legacy. Now most men live in the shadows of other's instead of their's.
But living in someones legacy makes you feel inferior.
For bloggers like me, I was once a victim of this, was once living in an already made article instead of creating mine, following the shadows of another rather than creating mine but
thanks to God and a friendly advice which made me think twice and drop that act.
And that friendly advice is what a giving to you now.

You may try to hold the truth but still it stays inside you as if its laughing at you from a two sided mirror.
Sometimes you feel you
can't do it right without the help of the main person offcourse you aren't the main man,
you are just living in someone's shadows.
Its make ou less productive.

It kills the lion in you but you can still come out of it, right back like you forgot your BlackBerry charger, step up to your target, be the main man,
burn the night candles and remember
that your prayers are mostly needed.
Unleash the lion in you, its right somewhere inside you, don't get cut off the mix. Its just one step at a time, its not always about money. Imagine more.

Team #STxpress

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