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10 September 2015

My Voice & Divorce.

My Voice & Divorce�:::In the Victorian era, women had no suffrage rights.
They were seen as belonging to the domestic
sphere. This stereotype required them to provide
their husbands with clean home, food on the table
and to raise their children. Women rights were
extremely limited in this era, losing ownership of
their wages, all their physical property except land
property and all other cash they generated once

When a Victorian man and woman married, the
rights of the woman were legally given over to her
husband. Under the law, the married couple became
one entity with the husband representing the entity
(sounds very commonplace right? yea I know) but
then came the birth of Feminism, the birth of a
generation of women with 'The Voice".
Divorce rates continue to increase every year and
currently there is a modern trend of serial matrimony
where men and women marry and divorce two, three
or more times in their lifetime. Accusations have
been made against feminist reforms as playing a
huge role in breaking marriages.
However, simply because women found

"The Voice"
doesn't mean they wielded it as a negative weapon
(ok, probably some did) but feminism simply gave
women an opportunity to leave an unhappy or unfair
marriage, it gave them an opportunity to speak out,
to share their battles, their struggles and their pain.
Feminism provided a platform for "The Voice" to be
The saying what is good for the goose is good for
the gander is the typical message of feminism.
Feminism doesn't make good marriages go bad;
rather if properly appropriated, provides a scenario
for the husband and wife to openly share their misconceptions, their differences as well as their grievances.

Feminism makes communication effectual and if
properly comprehended makes the husband and wife
relationship better. So "The Voice" is not
responsible for the alarming increase in the rate of
divorce but a host of other logically acceptable

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