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13 August 2015

6 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy Without A Relationship

If you are recently single after a difficult
breakup, of course it can be hard to think
about anything else. Coping without a lover
appears seemingly painful and boring.
But there are many ways you can occupy yourself
without been attached to anyone. Here are a few

1. Work out: Working out is a great way to stay fit
year-round. It's also proven to make you happier!
Rather than lying around analyzing the last
conversation between you and your ex, go for a
run or have a skip.

2. Spend more time with your
friends: Surrounding yourself with people who
make you feel good will distract you from your
breakup. Going out with your friends is always fun.
Put a positive spin on this breakup by using it to
create great new memories with your girls that you
may not have been able to make before.

3.Treat yourself to makeover: Shopping will keep
your mind distracted from your past relationship,
so is looking good in order to move on without
bricks from the past relationship. You can try a new

4. Quit the feeling that your life is boring
without a relationship: This thoughts only leave
you depressed . Trust me, you can start to feel
amazing about yourself if you change a little bit of
your perspective.

5. Strike a conversation with a complete
stranger: Learning about strangers life can go a
long way in helping you realise you are not in a
difficult situation. You might find out how strangers
can turn into friends.

6. Take up a new hobby: Pick anything that
intrests you. Learning a new skill will give you a
feeling of satisfaction.
Mend your broken heart today and start up a
whole amazing new life.


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