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20 July 2015

How Obama Used Gay Rights To Rank Up His Failing popularity.

If the truth must be told, President Barack Obama
has stepped on a sacred ground that has desecrated
the moral belief of every religion in the world. We
may not know the reason why he did what he did…
Except you have your own opinion other than
equality. In Nigeria, we are strongly opposed to it.
No leader in the world no matter how radical the
person may be has ever achieved what Obama has
over the years in terms of controversial bills… The US
Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage and
upheld Mr Obama's signature healthcare law, and
Congress passed legislation critical to the Trans-
Pacific Partnership all in one week.
Some religious people say that he is evil. Yet, at a
press conference, he was asked if that week the
same-sex marriage was legalized was indeed the best
week of his life. "My best week, I will tell you, was
marrying Michelle.

That was a really good week. Malia and Sasha being
born, excellent weeks," he said. He has become the
most famous president in the world and is getting
more powerful than the other world leaders who
may not be able to measure up with him since same-
sex marriage was legalized in America.
No matter how evil or negative a lot of us might have
seen this legalization; it was a rebranding tool that
has thunderbolt him to be more famous and
powerful than he was before now.
Vladimir Putin is comfortably sitting on the number
one position on the 2015 Forbes' The World's Most
Powerful People with Obama on the second position.
Obama has appeared on every list from Time's 100
Most Influential People to lists of famous people
because he is the President of America. Today, being
a president has not made him more famous but
legalizing this 'sacred' aspect of the human's lifestyle.
Obama knew that one thing that the American people
are fighting for is equality. He may not be able to
solve this which must have been the reason he went
for the same-sex legalization. If it was a re-election
that Obama was campaigning for, a lot of us would
think that it is political. There is no third term for
him. He is a black with the blood of an African
running through his veins.
He moved past politics and morality in ensuring that
he leaves the seat as a man who made history either
in a positive or negative way. He knows how Africans
take this thing yet, he agreed to allow this
legalization…What is his take on this?

What would
history say of him who said this in 2008 to Pastor Rick
Warren, when he was asked how he sees marriage as
being "between a man and a woman?
" I am not in favor of gay marriage." He added that as
a Christian, he viewed that bond as a "sacred union.
God's in the mix." The American election is few
months from now. Does it mean that Obama used
this legalization to favour the Democrats during the
election? Time will tell..

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