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20 July 2015

DayMan BakeryCakez

There is a belief these days that what is sweet and
delicious isn't healthy for you. Our dear cake has
received the burnt of these attacks, so i decided to
enlighten u more and break down what nutrient a
slice of cake has in store for you........

A) Carbohydrates: The flour and sugar takes care of
this, providing fuel for our body and brain to be top

B) Proteins: We got eggs that act as a binder and also
milk with calcium and other vitamins.

C)Fibre: Fruits and veggies like strawberry, banana ,
resins , apples , pineapple , carrots etc have been
used as ingredients for cake making....... we know
what these fruits are packed with right?

D) Fats and oil: Please the word fats and oil should
not scare us...Our body needs it albeit in moderation
especially in this cold season that's what keeps us

E) I can't help not talking about CHOCOLATE.... esp
the dark chocolate which is the bakers favourite. It
has been proved to reduce cholesterol, lower blood
pressure, a natural oxidant and as a couple's best
friend, chocolate helps to set the mood right *wink*
SO PLEASE PLEASE, don't blame that extra curve on
Dear Cake, the key to everything healthy in life is
moderation. So indulge yourself today, take a slice of
cake, take a taste of happiness and you just might be
saving your life...
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