23 May 2018

Bambam to Feature In MC Galaxy’s ‘Fine Girl’ Music Video

BB Naija 2018 housemate Bambam has joined several pretty ladies for the music video of MC Galaxy’s Fine girl.

The video is still shooting but seeing Bambam is no surprise as the BB Naija housemates names were mentioned in the song. We are yet to spot other housemates but maybe they will pop up later.
Joining her for her shoot was Teddy A who you could say was there to give her support and also show a few of his moves.

See more photos below.

                                               Photo credit: Ijeomadaisy

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Chimamanda, the Global Voice

Chimamanda, the Global Voice

 By James Eze (eziokwubundu@gmail.com)

Like smoke, curling skywards to announce the presence of fire, Chimamanda Adichie has continued to rise and force a re-think of the place of women in Africa and the world. Before her, there was Ahibe Ugbabe, the first female king of the Igbo. There was Queen Amina of Zaria and there was Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti. But these figures belong to another age. Adichie is a phenomenon playing out before our eyes. She belongs to us! We have seen her, spoken to her and taken a selfie with her. We have felt her humanity!

Genius is like a fire. It never fails to announce itself. Adichie is a fascinating way for genius to announce itself among us. As I write this, I remember the first time I met her in the summer of 2003. She had just won the David T. Wong Prize with “Half of a Yellow Sun” the short story. I’ll probably never forget how she looked like a rare petal in the evening sun from the balcony of her sister, Uche’s house in Lagos. Looking back now, it is amazing how that petal has blossomed in its rarity, through the years, arresting the attention of the world, demanding and earning a spot among the very best. And finally, we see, the emergence of a new global voice.

I look around today and I don’t see anyone else from my part of the world, breaking all the ‘rules.’ I don’t see many people uprooting ancient stereotypes. I don’t see any African of my generation winning the respect of the Western establishment, still owners of our world, for now, in the way that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie continues to do. And it is slowly becoming clearer to me that between 2005 when she debuted with ‘Purple Hibiscus’ and March 2017 when she published ‘Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions,’ Adichie has become not just another storyteller. She has evolved into a potent voice for God’s silent children.

She seems to have figured it all out from the beginning; her choice of feminism for instance. Unlike many self-anointed feminists who jumped into what looks like a rekindled fire, Adichie did not drift into feminism by chance. She made her intentions known in ‘Purple Hibiscus’ when she made Kamibili Achike, a shy girl with extraordinary sensibilities her central character. Kambili’s power of seeing and precocious persona echoes Adichie whose voice has risen like the morning sun to chase away the dark, brooding clouds of patriarchy in African literature.

In ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ Adichie sustained this quest with two magnificent female characters. Olanna Ozobia and her sister Kainene represent two ends of the spectrum. But Adichie conferred dignity on each character in a subtle message that reminds us that all women are not alike and that women, just like men, are capable of heroism and villainy.  ‘Americanah’ is another attempt to balance the story. Ifemelu’s life is a mirror of what exile does to female African migrants in America; the suspended hopes and the unspeakable resolve to survive. In all three books, Adichie gave us ordinary women with extraordinary propensities. In all three books too, Adichie succeeded in repositioning women in popular literature; not to displace the men but to occupy a deserved spot. And if these three books did not prepare us well enough for her growing personification of the voice of women, nothing else will.

Adichie’s silent rustle of the feathers has not gone unnoticed. Not to the administrators of the various literary prizes that she has won. Not to Beyoncé who sampled her TEDx Talk for the song ‘Flawless.’ Not to the French government who named her ‘Ambassador’ for its ‘Night of Ideas’ in January this year and to Brigitte Macron, the wife of the French President who hosted her afterwards. And certainly not to Hillary Rodham Clinton, who specifically chose Adichie to interview her at the PEN World Voices Festival in New York in April.

And if we can find it in our hearts to admit the truth, then we may acknowledge her enormous efforts to give:- without asking for anything in return. We may remember that shortly after winning the Orange Prize in 2007, she invested her youthful enthusiasm, time and energy in a rare effort to help upcoming writers improve on their craft. She introduced a yearly international creative writing workshop that has attracted notable writers across the world to teach in Lagos, Nigeria. This remarkable effort is hardly remembered when Adichie’s story is told. Yet it is the closest anyone has come to repeating what Chinua Achebe did to African literature with the African Writers Series.

Indeed, Adichie’s impact is phenomenal. She has crossed the doorway of mere authorship and become a moral force, provoking the world from introspection and laughter to outrage as she pleases. If the life of a writer is humdrum, Adichie’s is glamorous. If some writers lack vocal expression, Adichie is outspoken and fearless. At the moment, there is no African writer and speaker in greater demand across the world for interviews, talks and speeches Some examples include her commencement address at Wellesley College (Hillary Clinton’s alma mater) which was included in the list of “Best Commencement Speeches” by US National Public Radio, and her keynote speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on World Humanitarian Day which received a standing ovation.

She was recently invited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to serve as the Lead Narrator for the Malaria Summit London 2018, and will later this year deliver the keynote address at the US National Education Association symposium “Keeping the Promise of Public Education”.

Nor is there any more decorated. She is a favourite of academia, having been awarded honorary Doctorate Degrees in just the last three years from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, from Williams college and Amherst college, ranked number 1 and 2 on the list of America’s best liberal arts colleges, and from other prestigious American universities: Johns Hopkins University, Haverford College, Duke University, Bowdoin College. And of course, this is not to overlook her numerous other recognitions, including Fellowship awards from Princeton University and the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard; as well as the world renowned Macarthur Fellowship “Genius” Grant: which was awarded to her ten years ago in 2008.

Her calendar is often full and keeps her shuttling between continents to keep speaking appointments. This year alone, Adichie has spoken at over a dozen events and will this month deliver the 2018 Class Day address at Harvard University (for which last year’s speaker was former US Vice President under Barack Obama, Joe Biden).

Yet, of all her famous speeches, none is as important to me as the speech she gave to mark Governor Willie Obiano’s 100 Days in office, in Awka. It was her first home-coming as a writer of note and a voice of her generation. Picking her topic carefully, Adichie chose the title: ‘Community and Consensus: My Hope for Anambra State.’ Almost acting out Chinua Achebe’s famous essay, ‘The Novelist as a Teacher,’ Adichie spoke candidly on the importance of preserving the Igbo Language. In a voice that carries no hint of the weight of truth, she warned Ndigbo that ‘to deprive children of the gift of their language when they are still young enough to learn it easily is an unnecessary loss. The loss is made worse by imagining what would have been, the stories that could have been told, the wisdom that might have been passed down and most of all, the subtle and grounding sense of identity that could have been imparted on the grandchildren.’ Driving the point further home, she reminded them that ‘one of the wonderful things about language, any language, is that it gives you a new set of lenses with which to look at the world. Which is why languages sometimes borrow from one another – we use the French ‘au fait’ and ‘savoir-faire’ in English-because communication is not about mere words but about worldviews and worldviews are impossible to translate.’ The hall erupted after her speech. The women’s associations members at the event broke out in enthusiastic dance steps and chants of ‘nwanyi bu ife,’ affirming the importance of women; a reminder that she was one of them. It was easy to see that she touches ordinary people the same way she touched Beyoncé and Hillary, and she is equally at home in her village and with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, as she is with globally known personalities. Adichie’s love for her country is well known and in 2011, the Nigerian Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, awarded her the Global Ambassador Achievement Award

Away from writing and public speaking, Adichie has enriched our days with memorable moments. Like her epic clap back to the French journalist and her interrogation of Hillary Clinton’s choice of ‘wife’ as the opening of her Twitter intro. The outrage that followed Adichie’s choice of the word ‘upset’ in that interview is a watershed in audience feedback to someone they love. But predictably, when Mrs Clinton kept her promise and re-phrased her twitter intro, this same audience went to a pleasant sleep. So, Adichie should know by now that to be loved by one’s own people is not to be applauded all the time. Sometimes, it is to be caught in the vortex of their misplaced outrage.

But, whichever way we feel, we are no longer in doubt. Adichie has served us enough notice. She will not stop asking unsettling questions…about race and gender relations, about human dignity and about the human condition in Africa and beyond. And in a world in dire need of new voices from silent places, only few people come better prepared than someone rated as a ‘Leading Global Thinker’ by Foreign Policy magazine in 2013 and as one of ‘The 100 Most Influential People in the World’ by Time Magazine in 2015.

Award-winning American novelist, Dave Eggers considers Adichie ‘the rare novelist to become a public intellectual.’

And he may just be right!

Eze is a poet based in Awka, Anambra State.

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The Need To Support Women In Politics (A Study Of Hon Mrs Vivian Okadigbo)

The Need To Support Women In Politics (A study of Hon Mrs Vivian Okadigbo)

By Emeh Blaiz Pascal

The participation  of women in governance  and politics of strategic importance not only for women empowerment, but because it has wider benefit and impact, this is according to British Council gender in Nigeria report 2012. Disadvantaged people and or groups can obtain fair representation only if they are present in elected assmblies. Based on this therefore  women should also be represented in decision making bodies locally,regionally and nationally particularly where crucial resources are distributed and are allocated.

Nigeria has made several efforts to ensure the participation of women who are the excluded to participate in governance issues through the adoption and creation of some institutions that will facilitate the full participation of women in governance. However,  the question here is are these institutions and agencies fully working to its convincing conclusion?

Even with the affirmative 35% representation of women in political and non elective positions in Nigeria, the number of women in legislative houses is not encouraging as a result of the patriachial dominance of the men in Nigeria politics.

This is more reason why the emergence of Hon Mrs Vivian Okadigbo in the race to represent the good and patriotic people of Oyi/Ayamelum Federal  Constituency becomes paramount and sets an interesting stage taking into consideration the above premise. Coming from a prominent legal family background which gaves credence to her being a disciplinarian and a stickler to servitude. The need to impact positively on the lives of the people of her constituency inspired her to go into politics having done a lot in the United States with regards to community service. She was actively involved in the Obama health care reform. The love for her people back home prompted her to come and impact on the lives of her immediate constituency, Anambrarians and Nigeria in general.

As a member currently representing the good people of Oyi State Constituency, Hon Okadigbo has performed creditably well with series of developmental projects and motions that are beneficial to Ndi Oyi and Anambra attached to her name;one of which is the motion which was adopted and a resolution passed calling on state Governor Willie Obiano to direct the Commissioner for Works and Road Maintenance to ensure speedy completion of Umunya-Nteje road leading to Nengo Bridge. Presently serious work is ongoing on the sites now, kudos to Hon Mrs Vivian Okadigbo's vibrancy at the floor of the state assembly. She has equally attracted and renovated various classroom  block spread across the communities  that made up the constituency  as well as the provision of functional boreholes and health centres across board. She has equally being involved in various orphanage activities, helping the needy, the widow and the destitutes giving them grants to start up their choice of business.

Hon Mrs Vivian Okadigbo has a clear cut vision and mission which is to "improve the standard and quality of life for every man, woman and child, to encourage the growth of economic,health and endeavoring to promote government  and citizens relations through empowering Human Rights and freedoms within the sphere of the constitutionality".

Support women in politics, say no to gender inequality.

Support Hon Mrs Vivian Okadigbo to represent Ndi Oyi/Ayamelum Federal Constituency at the Green Chamber .

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Work Begins At Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre.


Work begins at the Prof Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre Stadium.

Recall that rising from the Anambra state Exco meeting yesterday, the Governor, Chief Willie Obiano declared that some public areas in Awka will be "touched" to advance the aesthetic appeal of the state.

Sequel to that, Gov Obiano promised to convert the over sixteen years old abandoned amphitheatre at WDC Awka is being remodeled into a modern Stadium to serve greater purposes for ndi Anambra.

The stadium project which is sited inside the WDC is being managed by Akiota Works. The project is expected to be delivered within nine months.

Gov Willie Obiano bu tokunado!


Obika Chidiebele
WDC, Awka
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Gov Obiano signs 9bn Contract to Control Erosion. In Anambra.

Happening now:

Gov Obiano signs 9b Contract to Control Erosion ,in six Erosion Sites in the Anambra

The governor of Anambra state ,Chief Willie Obiano, this morning on behalf of state government  signed  9b naira worth of contract with CGC and Monier construction companies to control six erosion  in Anambra in the state.
The erosion sites includes, Ojoto, Abidi Umuoji ,Nnewi, Nkpor flyover,EnuguUkwu, Ire Obosi respectively.
The project will be completed within 24months.

Courtesy of Kingsley Ezekwelu
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Gov Obiano Bans Okada Riders In Awka and Onitsha and Environs.

Obiano gives Quit Notice to Okada Riders in Onitsha, Awka

By James Eze (eziokwubundu@gmail.com)

Commercial motorbike (Okada) operators in Onitsha and Awka, the capital city of Anambra State have been given until July 1, 2018 to change to another trade or vacate the two cities for good.

This is one of the many resolutions from the meeting of the Anambra State Executive Council today, Tuesday, May 22, 2018. The ultimatum given to Okada operators in the two cities is part of the overall strategy adopted by the state government to deepen its crackdown on crime and restore sanity to Onitsha and Awka.

Similarly, residents of some make-shift structures on the banks of the River Niger stretching from Onitsha to Ogbaru have also been given until August 1, 2018 to relocate from those places along the waterfront as they have been marked for demolition. This is also a part of the campaign against the men of the underworld in the state.

The deadlines given to Okada operators and the shanty-dwellers are intended to offer them enough time to make the necessary adjustments in order to fit into the emerging socio-cultural scenario in the state.

Other far ranging resolutions of the Council include the establishment of a Committee on Environment with a mandate to clean up Anambra State, clearing out garbage dumps and overflowing drainages and demolishing illegal structures that are either obstructing the way or ruining the aesthetics of the Anambra environment. The committee is expected to sustain the on-going campaign to put an end to roadside trading that often leads to avoidable traffic congestion and return sanity to the roads and highways of Anambra State.

Re-inforcing the hard line posture of his administration against street-trading and erection of illegal structures across the state, Governor Willie Obiano specifically commended the agencies behind the on-going demolition exercise in the state, urging them to sustain the momentum until the state begins to wear a better look. He also sent a note of warning to owners of illegal structures along the famous Awka Road in Onitsha, saying that very soon the demolition team would sweep through the area.

He frowned at the current practice by Awka residents who sometimes dump their waste bins right in the middle of Zik Avenue and warned that anyone caught doing that would pay a heavy penalty.

The governor further announced that important public places like the Prof Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre, Alex Ekwueme Square and the vast premises of the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) would soon be given a facelift and properly remodelled to fit into the dynamics of the day.

According to him, the Amphitheatre of the Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre would be redesigned to serve as a stadium and completed as soon as possible.

The governor also frowned at the spate of daring encroachment on government land in the state by speculators and warned that there would be severe consequences for anyone who wanted to flagrantly break the law.
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DigiPreneur Seminar 1.0 - More Jobs for Anambra Youths

More Jobs for Anambra Youths as Team Obiano in partnership with The Youth Centre, Enugu presents DigiPreneur Seminar 1.0... The Awka Edition.

This is a special training on Self Development, Value Reorientation and Application of Digital Skills that will be holding tomorrow 24th of May 2018 at Stanel World, Awka by 9am prompt.


1. Learn the right attitude for an aspiring young person
2. Discover the right skills needed to become a DigiPreneur
3. Discover the unlimited job opportunities in the internet
4. Learn to convert your data and time into money
5. Training on how to use VPServices to make money online.


Visit www.digipreneur.xyz for seat reservation (You can also register at the venue)

There will be Official Launch of DIGIPRENEUR.XYZ... A platform for Digital Entrepreneurship Trainings and Networking!


Endorsed by Anambra State Government; Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Creative Economy

Proudly Sponsored by Stanel World and digipreneur.xyz

Rtn Ifeanyi ANIAGOH
SSA to Gov Obiano on
Youth Development &
Digital Entrepreneurship

#DigiPreneur #AGreaterAnambra

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The Search for a Balanced Federation - An Address by the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano at the South East Summit on 21st May 2018

The Search for a Balanced Federation

An Address Presented by the Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano at the South East Summit on Restructuring the Nigerian Federation on Monday, May 21, 2018.

Ndigbo kwenu! Kwenu! Kwezuenu-o!

On behalf of the good people of Anambra State, I welcome you all to Awka. Our ancestors must have had this day in mind when they gave us the saying that na ‘Izu ka mma na nne ji.’ We have come together today as a family, to strengthen the ties that bind us to fellow Nigerians in this big federation. Indeed, there is probably no better time for this conversation than now. So, I welcome you all to this dialogue!

Brothers and sisters, in the past 58 years, Ndigbo have worked tirelessly with fellow Nigerians to lay the foundations for a better federation and a more perfect union. We have made the most sacrifices and more often than not, we have also paid the supreme price for the unity of this country. But we have made these sacrifices in the belief that in the contemporary history of mankind, the road to nationhood is often paved with the blood of patriots. Indeed, Ndigbo have paid the price for Nigeria’s greatness. We paid in blood. We paid in FULL!

Umu nne m, the future summons us to a brighter dawn! And we must walk in the shadows of our fathers. Yes, our fathers played a major role in Nigeria’s long road to independence. And today, we have gathered to dream a balanced federation into existence for Nigeria and Nigerians.

Fellow compatriots, I have combed the pages of history and our contemporary times. And I boldly declare that I did not find a perfect human society anywhere. Every nation on earth is a work in progress. Citizens of both advanced and developing countries continue to ask their countries hard questions that will lead them to a better federation, a better nation and a better society. And Nigeria cannot be an exception to this rule. So, we must ask Nigeria hard questions too!

Fellow Nigerians, the question on everyone’s mind today is ‘what kind of country do Nigerians want Nigeria to be?’ This is the question that will determine Nigeria’s promise; Nigeria’s future and Nigeria’s greatness. Happily, different ethnic groups and geo-political zones have made bold efforts to ask this question in recent times. And today, Ndigbo will ask their own!

As governor of Anambra State, I was born and raised in Nigeria and I have lived in Nigeria for the better part of my life. I have lived the Nigerian Dream and felt Nigeria’s Heartbreaks. I know what my people want from Nigeria and the question we must ask of Nigeria. We must ask what every forward looking people want from any socio-political arrangement… life, liberty and a chance to raise happy families. We must ask for a just, fair and equitable federation where every citizen is guaranteed the freedom to be the best they can be and to aspire to the highest position in the land regardless of their tribe, culture or religion. And this is what Nigeria in its present structure, has not given to us!
Brothers and sisters, we have answered the call of history. And hopefully, history will be kind to us. If our fathers invested their youthful hopes and the power of their intellect in the Nigeria of their time, we have invested our wealth, our enterprise and our emotion in remaking Nigeria. Indeed, no other ethnic group has as much emotional investment in the Nigerian project as Ndigbo. And now, we have been called upon to re-imagine Nigeria. We welcome this challenge with both hands.

For if we rose from the ruins of the Civil War to rebuild Eastern Nigeria in record time, there should be no doubt about what Ndigbo can bring to the table in a fair, just and equitable Nigeria.

Umu nnem, I have no doubt that this summit will articulate a wise, realistic and hopeful position that will represent the key expectations of Ndigbo from Nigeria.

It is on this note that I welcome you all once again to Anambra State!

Ndigbo kwenu!

Post credit: Emeh Blaize Paschal
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20 May 2018

Breaking News: 7 dies as cult group clashes In ifite Awka, Anambra state

Information reaching us from an online source (Dfactual.com) stated that there was a cult clash yesterday in ifite Awka, Anambra state leaving seven dead and many injured. That SARS men are currently moving around asking questions and arresting suspects.

Therefore students are asked to remain indoors for now, as investigations are still going on.
More updates coming soon…
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19 May 2018

Ndigbo To Gather In Awka On Monday 21st May

As the Igbo gather in Awka on Monday
By James Eze (eziokwubundu@gmail.com)

Something historic will happen in Awka on Monday May 21st this year. Ndigbo from the five South Eastern states and their kit and kin in Rivers and Delta will gather in their numbers at the Alex Ekwueme Square to take a position on 'Restructuring,' the dominant question in Nigeria today.

It would be the first time the Igbo would hold such an epic meeting anywhere outside of Enugu, the political capital of the eastern region. It would also be the first time Awka would be hosting an expanded gathering of Ndigbo in recent memory. So, the event carries a huge weight for Ndigbo and even a far greater weight for Ndi Anambra. It is a measure of the growing stature of the governor of Anambra State in the reckoning of his people that a Summit that will determine the position of Ndigbo on an issue of national importance is to be held in his domain. But it is also a clear indication of the admirable flexibility of the leadership of Ohaneze under Chief Nnia Nwodo that Anambra is given the chance to host Ndigbo.

So, as Ndigbo gather in Awka, the entire Igbo nation waits with baited breath for deliberations that will address the age old Igbo fears and suspicions about their country. It is a frightening irony that while the Igbo have individually enjoyed a warm relationship with compatriots from other ethnic nationalities within the Nigerian federation, Ndigbo as a nation have had a troubled affair with Nigeria. The irony strikes one speechless when one remembers that the struggle for Nigeria's independence benefited immensely from the intellectual firepower of prominent Igbo nationalists who spared no efforts in agitating for independence and made remarkable compromises shortly afterwards to give Nigeria a fighting chance as a new independent state. But the Igbo have felt shortchanged by Nigeria with her flawed structural balance which has skewed economic and political powers in favour other geo- ethnic groups and left Igboland grasping for the short end of the stick that even appears elusive. This deep-seated feeling of denial and alienation has ratcheted up strong emotions among Ndigbo, leading to the fanciful academic slogan known as the 'Igbo Question.'

The Igbo Question is a niggling intellectual inquiry into the Igbo condition since the Civil War. But the Igbo Question has since made a swift transition from a fanciful academic slogan to what favourably compares to the famous 'Jewish Question' which led to the evolution of the 'Zionist Ideology' that ultimately culminated in the emergence of the Jewish state in 1948. Until 1948, the Jewish Question was essentially a prolonged debate on the Jewish condition and heart-wrenching treatment in Europe and across the world in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Just like the Jews of the era who were pegged back mostly by their lack of an inspirational political leader who would represent the face of their quest for a better deal from the rest of humanity, Ndigbo appear restrained by the absence of an authentic and universally acclaimed political leader whose very life would approximate their aspiration for a better bargain from Nigeria. Will the Awka Summit finally throw up such a figure? I don't know.

Be that as it may, anyone who is familiar with the Igbo would know that the absence of a charismatic political leader may be a huge disadvantage but it has never stood in the way of reaching a consensus or drawing an action plan among them. The Igbo culture is deeply rooted in consensus building and the advancement of the society without the overarching presence of an all-knowing ruler. So,  there's a great deal of hope that all the delegates drawn from the five states of the South East and the Igbo-speaking people in Delta and Rivers states know exactly what the occasion demands and will rise to this historic moment.

In the meantime, Ndigbo are looking forward with expectation to this Summit for so many reasons. The first is that at the moment, no other political office holder enjoys the same rating with governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State. With his stellar performance in his first term in office, many Ndigbo believe that whatever Obiano is involved in must be of great importance to the people. So, there is a great deal of hope arising from Obiano's credibility among the people just as there is in the belief that Anambra is a very important Igbo State that should be in the forefront of any serious effort to re-position the Igbo in Nigeria.

The second reason for hope is that for the first time in a long while, Southern Nigeria and a sprinkle of allies from the Middle Belt appear to have realized that it is in their ultimate interest to come together and push for a better Nigeria. To this end, the highly successful 'Handshake Across the Niger' which attracted representatives from this geo-political block in January this year, may have done a great job of wetting the ground for the Igbo Summit.
So, as Ndigbo gather in Awka this Monday, there's hope that whatever the Igbo want from Nigeria will be given a fair chance to stand beside the demands of other ethnic groups in the country. But the greater hope might in fact be that the question President Buhari had asked in the heat of recent agitations by self-determination groups when he said, 'what do the Igbo want?' will be finally answered by the largest gathering of Ndigbo in recent memory.

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18 May 2018

Former Big Brother Naija @Cee_CBBNaija bags new contract (Photos)


Former big brother naija house mate @Cee_cbbnaija bags a new contract with a sunglasses company.
See photos below:

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16 May 2018

The Good In Ray! - TeamIkoloAbuja2019

The Good In Ray!
Written By TeamIkoloAbuja2019

The good and patriotic people of Nnewi North,South and Ekwusigo Federal  Constituency has been yearning for drastic change, a paradigm shift and a break from the norm. Interestingly, our leaders and representatives were being sent by the electorates to go and speak for us and as such attract laudable developmental projects that will be beneficial to their various constituency and not turning themselves into a 'political god' or their designation as their birth right or their personal property.

It's high time we rise up and change that ugly narratives. One man has volunteered to wholeheartedly 'serve' his people that has been calling for him for so long. His name is Hon Barr Okoli Gozie Ray ,an astute legal luminary of local and international standard. His love for his people is paramount to his aspirations, hence the need to bring salvation to them. Ray is credible, competent and charismatic. These are qualities of a perfect legislator. The time is now.

Support Hon Barr Okoli Gozie Ray for quality representation.

#IkoloAbuja2019 is here....lets keep #Raygalising it.
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