7 November 2017

Story: The Devil Who Loved Me - Episode 28

Timi carried Toun to the car while sparrow and i remained behind. It was still unbelievable that the Abayomi that had hung out with us yesterday was now dead. Sparrow got a call behind me and after he finished, he took Toun and i to Aiyegbami, while Timi went to meet the Hotel management.
Sparrow took us to the spare room in the apartment then he called Jafar, he gave me the phone to talk to him..
Jafar : i told Sparrow to keep you guys secured there…you have more than 20 men around the house..
Me : Abayomi is dead….
Jafar : I will see you guys very soon, they shall not go unpunished..
Me : Promise?
Jafar : with all i am and all that i will ever be
Me : What will i do with Toun?
Jafar L i will be back soon, just hang on…
Toun was sitting on the floor, she was crying bitterly
Toun: what am i now, what will i ever be, what will my life be without him?
me: Toun, Please dont cry?
Toun: I should not cry? do you know we have given our children names?…all of them…
Toun started pulling her clothes, i wanted to stop her but decided against it. when she was stark naked, she started cursing
Toun: Eli, wherever you are, you will lack satisfaction.. you shall drinl water but still be thirsty, you shall eat but still be hungry. what you chase you shall not meet, what you search, you shall not find..
Then she started crying again…i went to hold her…
Me : please dont cry dear, please…
She pushed me away and lay down on the floor…My phone rang, it was Timi.
Timi : how are you?
me: i am ok..
Timi : i am on my way to Ijebu-Ode..Ago is not safe..the school has taken Abayomi’s body to the mortuary..
me: that is a good idea, please be safe…
Timi : how is Toun?
me: she is devastated…i dont know what to do…
Timi: i will be with you guys tomorrow.
me: Abayomi was my best friend.
Timi: i know…
Me : let me know when you arrive at Ijebu-Ode..
Toun was on the floor, she had stopped crying, she was just staring at nothing…then she started laughing…i became worried..
I went to her side and held her..
she started talking to herself…
Toun: Abayomi, you are wicked oh!, is this how we planned it?…you said you will not leave me no matter what..now you have left…
me : Toun, please stop…
Toun : i should stop? they killed my baby!…ah…what kind of pain is this…Ah…
I picked up my phone to call Jafar, i wanted him to tell me it woud be ok….he didnt pick… i thought of Abayomi’s lovely mother…she would be crushed!…He was her star..
My phone started ringing again, it was Timi, i wondered if he had gotten to Ijebu-ode so soon. i ignored the calls, and focused on Toun…After the fifth ring, i picked up..
Timi : why didnt you pick?
me : i was with Toun
Timi: please, this is not the time for you not to pick calls.
me: i am sorry..have you arrived?
Timi : Not yet, at the outskirts
Me: told you to call me when you arrived.
Timi : yes i know, something happened…i got a call from school..
Me : People have found out about Abayomi’s death?
Timi : that’s not it..
Me : then what?
Timi : National’s head is infront of the School gate, on a piece of white cloth on the ground, his body is missing..
I was silent..
me : yeah, lemme know when you get to ijebu-ode..
Jafar was calling Eli out, it was War.
I planned to wait for Jafar to come in before I slept. Toun was sleeping innocently, I wished I could just sleep and when I wake, I would realize that the past few hours had been a dream. Apart from the room in which Toun and I were, the entire house was filled up to the brim. I could hear voices, though they were sober.
I wanted to call my dad to tell him about it, but I decided against it. I was wondering about who I could call when I dozed off, because I woke up to the sound of a couple of cars arriving at the apartment. I eavesdropped till I heard Uche’s deep voice. I waited for Jafar’s but didn’t hear him. I waited until I slept off.
When I woke up, Toun’s eyes were staring at me, she didn’t look happy or sad..she just stared…
Me : How are you feeling?
She didn’t answer me, instead her
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Story: The Devil Who Loved Me - Episode 27

We returned to the hotel, already we heard news that lectures for that day had been suspended. Sparrow was at the Hotel lobby when we got in, you could see from his eyes that he was devasted…I gave him a hug and went inside the room, soon i was surrounded by Timi, Abayomi and Toun.
Me : Abayomi, dont you think we should just let go of this elections?
Abayomi : I have been thinking about it too, i never imagined it was going to be like this..
Timi : but we have come too far, elections is next week friday..
Toun : If you guys step down now, they have won..Eli and National…
Toun walked to where Abayomi stood and looked into his eyes…
Toun : You have always wanted to be the SUG president, please dont give up…
He answer her…
Me : But we are not even sure of winning, its 50/50…
Timi : you have a point bby…
Abayomi : i will call Jafar, lets hear what he thinks…
Abayomi placed the call, after some seconds, he hung up..
Me : what did he say?
Abayomi : They are taking Aji’s corpse to the mortuary, he will drop by on his way back..
Timi : that settles it then…
Toun : Please i have something to say…
we all looked up, apart from Abayomi…
Toun : You guys are more than my friends, you are my family..thats why i am begging you guys to forgive me…
Me : Toun , stop! …for what?
Toun : Tana, i have to say this…I slept with Naetochukwu thinking it will make things right, but it was a stupid thing to do…i am sorry Abayomi…please forgive me. I aint saying we should go back as bf and gf…but i need to know you have forgiven me, so it can reduce the dirtiness i feel on me…
It was Timi and my turn to look down…But the idiot didnt day anything…so i looked up and went to hug my friend, Toun…i helped her wipe away her tears…Yes i am a hugger!..
Abayomi and Timi left the room and i was left alone with Toun…
Toun : Thank you dear…
Me : Dont worry, Abayomi will come around…
Toun : i hope he knows i am really sorry…….
She started crying again…
Me : stop it, its not like he didnt sleep with Kofo and all…
Toun : does that justify my action? in the car?…
Me : Alrigjt, lets eat…food makes things better…
She giggled amidst her tears…
Toun : Glutton like you…
there was a knock on the door, i wondered if Jafar had arrived so soon..
It was Timi.
Timi : Toun, Abayomi wants to see you…
I was surprised, but she was more surprised…
Toun : serious?
Timi : Yeah…
Toun bounced from the bed and started powdering her face…looked at herself in the mirror and left…
Timi : those people are crazily inlove!
me : Yes o…
Timi : do you love me like that?
i wondered where this question was coming from…
Me : ours is different…
Timi : explain…
Me : Those people are as good as married….
Timi : and we are?
me : modern lovers…
Timi : this has to do with Jafar right?…
me : oh no Timi…Ahn ahn…
Timi : i dont know, i just feel this vibe about you guys…
Me : you are getting Paranoid…
i sat on his lap and gavd him a full kiss on the lips. he started carrying me to the bed…
Me : Timi, i am hungry…lemme call room service.
He grudginly let me go…i picked up the inter-com and dialled ‘0’…
Me : Hello, is this the kitchen?
Receiver : yes
Me : please can i have fried yam and egg sauce?
Receiver : Yes, give me 15 minutes..
me : Please what is your name ?
Receiver : Standd Ma,
me : Standd you have lied to me before, last night you said 15 minutes, and it actually took 45 minutes..
Receiver : sorry ma…seriously give me 15minutes…
me : Ok o…..
Then i hung up….
There was a knock on the door again..Timi went to open the door…
Timi : Ah Jafar howfar?
Jafar : i dey…
Me : Jafar…sorry for the Aji….
he shrugged it off…
Jafar : please call the other guys, we have to talk…
Me : Abayomi and Toun?
Jafar : Yes.
Abayomi and Toun walked into the room with the same unreadable look. While Toun came to sit on the bed wit me, the three guys stood.
Abayomi : So Jafar, i am thinking of stepping down…
Jafar : Tana, you too?
Me : yes…
Jafar : Timi, you are with them?
Timi : nope
Toun : Me too, afterall by next week it will be all
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STORY: The Devil Who Loved Me - Episode 26

In school the next day, people were talking about a cult clash that happened the night before. Although i was 100% sure that no death was recorded, students were saying 4-3, 5-2 blaaablaaa…counting phantom deaths..The school was filled with color flaunting. The different groups were showing each other that they were gallant..
Our new residence was not to be mentioned to anyone, even our movement around campus was restricted to public places. We had just a week to the Election and the fever was spreading like fire…
The campaigns was on full throttle now, only if these guys dancing up and down knew what was happening behind the scenes. Most people didnt even attribute the cult clashes to the elections.
Timi and i had texted all night…He told me how much he loved me and how we should travel to Lome after our exams on holiday. He kept trying to convince me to leave the room and meet him at the passage for tender, love and care. Though it sounded appetizing, i coudnt leave Toun…
Abayomi and Timi came for us after classes, interestingly they were not the only ones…sparrow and Aji were waiting with the Volvo too…Some weeks ago i would have felt trapped…but i was glad with the extra security…i was tempted to call Jafar to just check up on him…but it sounded silly…
Toun declined following us, she said Naetochukwu would be coming for her…and that she would join me in the hotel later..
In the hotel, Abayomi went to his room while Timi followed me to mine…he didnt wait for me to drop my bags before he pounced on me…I thought he wanted a quick kiss but the way he was breathing suggested that he wanted more…I was all sweaty and sticky from class but Timi was having none of that.
Timi : baby i have missed you…
Me : Ahn ahn..you and i have been together na…
Timi : You know what i mean….
Me : tell me na…
Timi : i want to feel the inside of you…
i ran my fingers through his cute face, i couldnt stop marveling on how handsome he looked…
Me : Oya lemme havd my bath first….
Timi : i can join you na…
Me : Shut up…ashewo boy….
He laughed as i left him and undressed to take my bath.. When i finished, Timi was sprawled on the bed, sleeping. Though i was hungry, i decided to wait to Toun before i ate. so i found a free space on the bed and slept too..
It was getting dark when i woke to the sounds of someone knocking the door, Timi was still sleeping. I opened the door to see Toun, her face was blank. I tapped Timi, who stood up and greeted Toun before vacating the room…she didnt even bother replying him.
Me : Toun , whats wrong with you?…
she went into the bathroom without replying. After waiting for about 30 minutes without hearing from her, i entered the bathroom too…
she was beneath the shower crying her eyes out…
Me : Toun talk to me, is it about Eli?
Toun : No…
Me : Talk to me…
Toun : just leave me alone….
i stepped closer, i didnt care that the gown i was on was getting wet…
Me : I am not going anywhere…
Toun : Fine, stay there!
Me : Please Toun…
She turned to me and stared for a while….
Me : You dont have a shower cap on…
Toun : Naetochukwu Fuccked me….
I gasped.
Toun : He fuucked me in his car!…oh i feel so filthy….
i hugged her….her heart was breaking….
Me : Let it be between us…..
Toun : too late for that…..i called Abayomi and told him…I couldnt keep that away from him…
Me : what did he say?
Toun : He hung up….
Me : i am so sorry…
Toun : i just wanted to get back at him….i thought i would
feel better….i dont….i feel like drowning…..
I led her back to the room and ordered Tea and fried plantain for us….i assured her that everything would be alright…
Trying to sleep, i got a call. i intended ignoring the call but with the elections fast approaching, everybody was important…so i picked up..
Me : Hello?
caller : Tanatolo….
Me: Eli?
Eli: you no dey your house…hehehehe…Why you dey hide hen you knw say i go find you?
Me : Eli, leave me alone, you and i have no business
Eli : You tell me say you and Abayomi go step down, na me all of una dey use p
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13 September 2017

Tragedy As 23years old South African man slaughers a mother of 2, eats her flesh

Here is the 23years old South African man (Aphiwe Mapekula) that slaughtered & beheaded a mother of 2 & then proceeded to eat her flesh.

Unfortunately for him the police arrived and have to shoot him once but he wouldn't stop them they shot him twice again before he could stop and was rushed to the hospital but died unfortunately.

His friend says he is a normal guy and not into rituals. His facebook page also says the same.
The story still remains a mystery.
God have mercy.
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28 August 2017

Face Of Awkuzu 2017 - How To Register

Sophistication, sartorial elegance, intelligence and moderate sense of humour..

         TrendyVoice Concepts
      It's Maiden Edition Of
       FACE OF AWKUZU 2017
   A pageant with a difference.

           HOW TO REGISTER
1. Get the form from Elysee Fries Awkuzu, Infofirst Cyber Cafe or visit www.faceofawkuzu.blogspot.com to download the form.

2. Make a payment of N3,000 via Bank, Online transfer, Mobile transfer or Atm to
Bank Name: Zenith Bank Plc.
Account Number: 1014999810
(send a text to 07062997704 once the payment is made for confirmation)

3. Fill the form and submit it at Elysee Fries Awkuzu, Infofirst Cyber Cafe Nkwelle Awkuzu or scan it and send to faceofawkuzupageant@gmail.com (for those outside Awkuzu).

4. Acknowledge the receipt of your confirmation message (to be sent to you with 24hours of submission of your registration form).

5. Keep teller or transaction slip safe for audition.

                   STAR PRIZE.
✔ 1st Runner Up - 50,000 With A Refrigerator.
✔ 2nd Runner Up - 25,000 With A Gas Cooker.
✔ Plus A Free Form To Other Pageants.

Note: This pageantry is strictly for ladies. Must be an indigene of Awkuzu within the age bracket of 18-28. Must not be married or pregnant.

For more enquiries and sponsorship call 07062997704 or 08082593179
Powered by #ObianoEffect and Xan Perfect Concept.

The Face Of Awkuzu is a beauty pageant with a difference. It will be a rich event aimed at revitalising Igbo culture which has been disintegrated by all manner of external influences. The Face
of Awkuzu supports and promotes Igbo language and culture and lays great emphasis on the qualities of
the African woman which includes humility, honesty, modesty, decency and service which is the true definition of beauty.

The competition will be open only to Awkuzu indigenes (women) below the age of 18-28 who are fluent in Igbo and English. Must hold a minimum of SSC, OND or B.Sc

For more information and sponsorship please call 07062997704,  08082593179 or 08067287999

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10 August 2017

Ozubulu massacre : The real cause of killing, by monarch


Traditional ruler of Ozubulu, Igwe Fidelis Nnamdi Oruche, has debunked insinuations that the community is known for drug peddling. He said Ozubulu is not a community of drug dealers.
He also denied handling dispute between Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu (a.k.a Bishop) and Mr. Chinedu Akpunonu (a.k.a Oborocho), two individuals alleged to be at the centre of the crisis that culminated in the early morning bloody shooting at St. Phillip’s Catholic Church in Amakwa, Ozubulu on Sunday, which he described as painful, barbaric and ungodly.
He said his palace had never received any compliant about any misunderstanding or quarrel between the two natives, adding that the community had only treated the leadership crisis of Ozubulu Development Union (ODU) South Africa branch about 2014 years ago.
Reports have it that Ikegwuonu and Akpunonu have been at loggerheads over alleged drug business in South Africa, which was said to have claimed lives of some Ozulubu people, and their matter had once been treated at the community level.
But Igwe Oruche while denying having such issue discussed or treated in the community said, “some years back, our children in SouthAfrica, and they are many, had leadership problem at ODU. When it persisted, they brought the natter home; and it was first treated at the home of then President-General of ODU, Chief Nobert Anigbogu.
“Some of them did not agree with the decision. They insisted that I, the monarch, should be present in the resolution of the matter, hence the entire community on an agreed date, converged here in the palace where final peace was reached and they embraced themselves and went to a Catholic church where Rev. Fr. Chidolue used the Bible to covenant them. I repeat, it was a matter of leadership of ODU South Africa, who will become the president-general. It had nothing to do with disagreement in business transactions.”
He further noted that a similar incident had happened in the community about four year ago when four vigilance group members were abducted and killed in cold blood and some of their parts removed.
He called on the state and federal governments to unravel the cause of the incident and arrest the culprits and prosecute them, stressing that the community will apply the traditional method to handle the situation.
Igwe Oruche said the community would fix date for the mourning of the victims in the community way and prayed God to console the families and grant the deaths eternal rest.
In its reaction, the Yoruba socio-cultural group, Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), in a statement by its founder and president, Dr. Frederick Fasehun, described the massacre as shameful and sacrilegious.
“The killing of these innocent worshippers is one incident too many. Happening in that serene rural environment, it demeans all Nigerians. It shows that nowhere in this country is safe. There is total breakdown of law and order in Nigeria as a whole.
“Perpetrators must be speedily brought to book. If there is an international connection to this callousness, as Governor Willie Obiano and the Commissioner of Police have said, then the assistance of Interpol must be solicited in order to extradite those concerned back to Nigeria for investigation, prosecution and conviction.”
The OPC lamented that Nigerians lived in constant fear from assassins, kidnappers and insurgents.
“This country has now entered a state of anomie where life is short and brutish. Nowhere appears to be safe: Not Lagos, not Port Harcourt or Akure or Maiduguri or Jos. If Nigeria is at war, let us know. Government may just as well declare the entire Nigeria a war zone.”
As far Fasehun is concerned, the spate of killings was not only evidence of the palpable insecurity throughout the country, but a failure of Intelligence.

He stressed the need for Nigerian security agencies to be proactive in order to preempt and prevent the wanton killing of innocent citizens.
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Ozubulu massacre: Catholic Church unveils names of the dead and injured

The Catholic diocese of Nnewi, Anambra State, yesterday, unveiled the identities of casualties and those injured in the attack on St. Philip’s Catholic Church, Ozubulu, during Mass on Sunday.
The church was attacked by a lone gunman who killed 11 worshippers on the spot and injured 18 others.
In a statement issued by Hilary Odili Okeke, bishop of the diocese, the church indicated that the death toll in the attack had risen to 13, as two more victims reportedly died in the hospital on Tuesday.

Those killed in the attack said to be a fall out of a gang war between two indigenes of the community are Cyprian Ikegwuonu, Hyacinth Oramadike, Cecilia Ewin, Eunice Akanigbo, Rose Okoye, Anulika Obunadike, Uchenna Obunadike, Anthonia Ufondu, Oluchukwu Uhelu, Christiana Igbeja, Udeze Pauline, Victoria Uzokwe and Florence Nweke.
The statement listed the 22 surviving victims as: Ikegwuonu Caroline, Nwakile Anthonia, Okoye Odinaka, Okoye Patricia, Isaac Chinedu, Oramadike Chinagorom, Oramadike Chinecherem, Udegbunam Chidimma and Ndulue Samuel.
Also injured are Udegbunam Obiageli, Ugochi Obiajulu, Chukwueloka Chineze, Oramadike Chioma, Azuka Basil, Oramadike Chiamaka, Uchechukwu Chukwueloka, Nwanya Ngozi, Ngwuta Chinemelum, Asomba Chukwudum, Nnudule Leonard, Muomah Michael and Oramadike Favour.
Two of the injured have been discharged while others were recuperating in different wards in the hospital.
While soliciting for funds for the care of the victims, the diocese said it has opened a bank account in that regards.

“Anybody, parish, institution, company, society, association or group that would like to join the diocese in providing assistance to the victims and their families can send their contributions.
“We shall keep accurate records of contribution and distribution of the funds,” the statement said.
Meanwhile, the South West Catholic Bishops have called on the Federal Government to check the rising trend of arms possession as a part of fight against insecurity in the country.
The Bishops, in a communique after their second meeting in Ede, Osun State, made the call against the backdrop of the killing of worshippers at St. Philip’s Catholic Church.
The bishops while asking security agencies to double their efforts in securing human life and property, called for the investigation of how the perpetrators of the Ozubulu mayhem came about the deadly weapons used in killing the worshippers.
The Catholic Bishop Conference comprises Ibadan, Ilorin, Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo and Osogbo Dioceses of the Catholic Church.
In a communiqué issued yesterday and signed by the President of the province, Most Rev. Gabriel Abegunrin and its secretary, Most Rev. John Oyejola, the bishops asked Catholic faithful to pray for the repose of the souls of the victims of the church killing and also asked God to bring lasting peace to Nigeria.
It reads: “We commiserate with the bishop of Nnewi Diocese, the government and people of Anambra State and several families directly affected by the mass murder which occurred on Sunday at St. Philip’s Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Anambra State.

“We uphold the sanctity of every human life given by God and not to be taken away by anyone and, therefore, can never denounce enough the evil of such a horrendous and callous killing of innocent worshippers right in the church during the holy mass.
“The bottom line is that the security situation in Nigeria remains fragile. We strongly condemn whatever may be at the root of this and similar occurrences.
“Those that are charged with securing human lives and property in the nation must simply do more to protect the citizens. The proliferation of arms in Nigeria deserves urgent and decisive action.
“We call on all our faithful to pray that the souls of the departed may rest in perfect peace and that God may bring enduring peace that God may bring enduring peace to Nigeria.
“We also reiterate that the right of all Nigerians to freely adhere to any religion of their choice is sacrosanct and must be protected by all legitimate means.’’
On the ongoing discourse about restructuring, the Bishops said: “It is regrettable that an issue of such importance that should be an issue of justice can be subjected to so much intellectual gymnastics, political sentiments and personal interest.

“Most people in Nigeria agree that, as it is currently constituted, our country is simply not serving the development and self-realisation of most of its citizens and therefore needs to be revisited. In other words, let all of us, leaders and people agree to jettison political machinations and self-serving interests and restructure Nigeria according to the laws of equity and justice. We will thus be saving our own lives and the future”.
On the education sector, the bishops advised government at all levels to be vigilant and curb the encroaching Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CEE) and dubious maternal health procedures.
“Governments should not spend public money on the proliferation of artificial contraceptive methods to the neglect of basic infrastructure and the grassroots health needs of our people.’’
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The sound of the window shattering wouldn’t have been heard in the loudness of the home theatre but the stone had danced right to their legs, startling most especially Michael. When they looked up at the direction from where the stone had come, they saw the window broken, shards of glass everywhere; someone had thrown a stone.
It was Majeed who ran out first, others followed him and there was the boy at the porch of their house, a catapult in his hand, laughing.
“Ayé e dè ma bàjé ni,” cursed Majeed as he rushed across the lawn on him, but the boy only jumped inside their house and locked the door from the inside. So Majeed began to hit the door.

“Majeed! It’s okay! Just leave him alone, we can replace it,” urged Michael.
“No, Michael, that’s not how we train children here, I’m going to fuck this boy up today.” He continued to bang on the door until it opened and the plump short man who Majeed had seen with the bottle of water the other day came out looking confused. The first accented “Wetin happen?” he said gave him off as an Ibo man.
“Look at my window, over there! Tha—that one! Look…” he was very angry. “A boy from this house shot a stone at it with a catapult. He broke that window with a catapult and still laughed when we saw him.”
The man’s facial expression changed as he shook his head and wailed, “Lucky! Lucky! Lucky, are you deaf?”
Then came the shaky “Sir” from far inside the house.
“Come out here! Idiot boy! Onyezuzu!”
So came the boy, sagging his shorts this time around; military material.
“Sir?” he said, scratching the back of his head.
“What happened? You break their window or you no break am?”
“Huh… about that… I—I…”
“E be like say something dey worry your head. You no fit talk? If I slap your face here ehn, na for inside Atlantic ocean you go find yourself.”
Olawunmi wanted to laugh at this point but the man looked serious enough, she wouldn’t want to be rude to him. The part where a slap would throw someone from Lekki to Atlantic Ocean amused her.
“They is too noisy in this hood and—”
“Shut up! What is hood?”
“Correct yourself!”
“Pop, they just too noisy, that’s all. I is… I’m fed up. Chiny has exam pop… and she ain’t finding reading easy. She told me! So I buzzed these guys up, told them, but they just found me funny, jes like that, so I showed them I ain’t no Charlie Chaplin.”
“So, you broke their window, is that right?”
“Yes, that’s right, I maced their ass.”
“I go wound this boy today,” swore Majeed.
“Calm down gentleman, you see, it’s because of you that I come outside now. We’re neighbours, we no suppose dey fight like this.”
Just then the door opened and a woman came out, looking at their faces one after the other.
“This is my wife. Mama Bella. Come see wetin your son don do again. Look that window, no, that side, you see am? You see am? Na your son break am because dem dey play music.”
Mama Bella looked everyone up and down, and then smiled at Michael, waved his hand at him to say hi, quite seductively. Her breasts were pushed up and half of their mass was revealed. She was in bump shorts and although she wasn’t young, she looked quite eye-catching.
“I am Lucky’s mum and I am the mother of this great Nwanyanwu family. You can call me Aunt Janet, what’s up y’all?” she blew the gum she was chewing and made an explosive noise with it.
“Mama Bella, your son broke their—”
“I know—I know. I don’t like repetitions. Òyìnbó, what’s your name?”
Michael must have known he was the one being called òyìnbó, so he said his name was Michael, Michael Livingstone and that she could call him Michael.
“Michael? You mean like Michael Scoffield in Prison Break?”
“Prison Break?”
“Poor sweet Michael, Prison Break is a TV series.”
“Oh it is?”
“Yes, and Michael Scoffield is a major character in it.”
“Yes, I guess yes then, like Michael Scoffield, yes.”
Mama Bella smiled then. “Me son break you window?”

They nodded in rhythm, astonished with the way she spoke English.
“His pop’s gonna mace his ass now, you’ll see. But to be candid, you too was making too much noise with that tape of yours, wasn’t you? I was gonna come and break it with my baseball bat sometime soon and probably beat the hell out of y’all but… I didn’t know you’ve got a handsome Michael in your house.”
“Mama Bella!” shrieked Papa Bella.
Then a girl appeared at the door behind them all, eyes looking domineering like an Egyptian queen’s. She had moderately sized body with tiny lips curved at the edges, a black dot on the right side of her upper lip, birthmark most assuredly. She’s got moderately sized bosom too and bump shorts like her mother’s sat firmly on her skin, below a sleeveless undergarment revealing the roots of her cleavage. She wasn’t looking like a nice person but she was beautiful. The moment Majeed saw her, the frowns on his face began to wane.
“Mum, you have a call,” she reported in a normal girl’s voice and handed a phone to Mama Bella.
She collected the phone, screamed at whoever was calling, cut the call and returned the phone to the girl. “Chinyere,” she said, “we was just talking to our neighbours about their noise, and they has promised to behave so you can read happily.”
The girl’s eyes went up and she looked at Michael first, found a smiling face, at Majeed, another smiling face, and then at Olawunmi, attacking looks as if they had had a disagreement over something before. She went back inside after the brief survey and closed the door gently behind her.
“Please, I’m doing something inside. I’ll invite you over tomorrow for dinner, will you come?” asked Mama Bella.
“What’s wrong with y’all? Will you come or not?”
“We’ll come, definitely. Thanks Mama…”
“Poor sweet Michael, just call me Janet, okay?”
“Okay, Janet. Thanks. We’d be excited.”
“I am gonna go back inside now. Uncle John will punish Lucky for his… erm, glass breaking? And you guys better change, I am your biggest problem if you don’t. Okay, Michael?”
“Yeah, Janet.”
She went inside, showing off her bum’s massiveness.
“So, gentlemen, sorry for everything, I apologize. He no go do such thing again. Now Lucky, go grab some buckets for bathroom and wash my car.”
They all looked at the direction he had pointed, no wonder they didn’t notice any car there. It was an old Volvo car, cruelly panel beaten. Papa Bella offered to repair the window for them but Michael said he shouldn’t bother, that he was gonna have it repaired. So they left the great Nwanyawus and returned to their flat.
Few minutes later, Lucky came out with water-filled buckets, he had changed into a white vest at the back of which the picture of a clenched hand raising the middle finger was printed. It was Olawunmi who firstly saw him and called Majeed to come and see.
Olawunmi had asked, “What is that can in his hand?”
And Majeed had responded astonishingly after looking, “It’s Trophy! That boy is drinking beer?”
They crowded at the window and watched him in amazement.
* * *

President David Imoukhuede just came off the phone with his sister, Deborah who was the Nigerian Ambassador to the United States of America. For months now, the president had begun to regret ever making Deborah an ambassador; she had instead of supporting him protested against every decision David had make concerning the China-US politics, and she was quite bolshie.
The Chief of Staff to the President, Bolarinwa Olabode had called the president just then to inform him that Director John Penn of the CIA was at the Aso Rock to see him.
“Alone?” David had enquired anxiously, never expecting to see him without Bankole Ayotomide, the NIA Director by his side.
“Yes, on his own,” Bolarinwa had responded in one of his stressing undertones.
“Come with him. I can’t be alone with…”
“I understand sir,” he had said and cradled the phone.
In a minute, John emerged at the president’s office in Bolarinwa’s company and progressed inwards to shake the president’s extended hand.
“Have your seats,” directed the president and John sat tamely.
John looked over his shoulder to see if the Chief of Staff was still standing behind him but just then when the president asked him to take the other seat too, John knew the president wasn’t going to send Bolarinwa out for him.
“Mr. President,” John said finally. “I know you probably would expect me to have phoned you instead of coming here but—”
“No, I expect you to have called Abubakr but it’s okay, you’re here now.”
“I apologize sir, but… this may sound resoundingly funny but I must tell you, I don’t really trust people, especially people of certain military statuses. With my experience, they’re always the ones behind… evil plots. I trust only you and that’s why I’m only going to reveal info that matter to you alone.”
“But I’m confused, what am I to do with such info if I can’t tell my military chiefs, wield a weapon myself and go after the criminal? Or did I get you wrong?”
“We’ll involve them, we definitely will. All I’m saying sir is that I seek your authorization first before I share any intelligence. Francis Whyte is not just any criminal, he’s a powerful man with enough resources to assassinate anyone.”


“The Ikeja police station killing. We have gone down there to see what happened and I’ve gathered some white men had been seen wandering around the missing man’s house before the incident actually happened. Three police officers dead in a single day, one of them killed in the station itself, this is not something that would normally go down in a country like Nigeria unless someone like Francis is in it. And I tell you sir, all these are just distractions to get us busy beating about the bush, he is here for something more.”
“And Director Penn, deducing from what you have said, I figured you’re proposing that this Francis man is connected to the Ikeja police killing?”
“Yes, it’s a pattern we know only too well.”
“So what do we think now?”
“I actually should’ve said this first but the reason why I came is originally to tell you that we’ve found him.”
“You found him already?” David leaned forward in his seat.
“Yes sir, we know where he is. We’ve found him.”
“Lagos. And… sir, with due respect, I’m not supposed to divulge the details in the presence of someone without the clearance to…”
“Are you kidding me Director Penn? I’m the Chief of St—”
“It’s okay, Bolarinwa. Let him do his job as protocol commands him. Is that all?”
“No sir. Your Excellency, I want you to lift Lt. General Ali off the direct supervision role, our chances of success can only be stably increased if the CIA alone performs this operation, only with the help of the NIA alone.”
“But why would you want that?”
“We don’t trust him.”
“I hate to break it to you Director Penn but he doesn’t trust you either, so, it’s a balanced scale. We can’t lift our eyes off you if truly you’re here for our safety, can we? Isn’t it most sensible that to protect you, we must monitor you? You surely can’t know our land more than we do, can you?”
“I’m a professional security per—”
“The answer is no, Director Penn. We can’t remove the Chief of Defense Staff off your radar. He’s a professional security person too and he’ll do nothing but protect you. I trust him.”
“Okay then. I have to catch a Lagos flight now. We’re locked on him. We’ll close in as soon as possible.”
“We trust you will.”
“Most assuredly, Mr. President,” he rose and saluted.
“Safe flight back to Lagos, Bolarinwa will show you out.”
“Thank you sir, I’ll be in contact soon.”
“I trust you will, Director Penn. Keep us updated.”
“Sure I will.”
He went outside with Bolarinwa. David resumed to phone calls. What would come next, nobody could guess.

...to be continued!

Written by: Lord eBay (and his action series, 2017)
Twitter & Instagram: @lordebay
Email: dearlordebay@gmail.com

Lord eBay is an Aspiring Author with a taste for Romantic, Political and Paranormal Fictions. His goal is to join other writers in resurrecting Reading/Writing culture in Nigeria.

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Umu Obiligbo - ife di mma - latest 2017 Nigerian highlife music.mp3

Umu Obiligbo, the grandsons of the popular highlife musician
 Obiligbo Onye Ozioma On this one again Tittled Ife Di MMA. Download

Umu Obiligbo - ife di mma - latest 2017 Nigerian highlife music.mp3
Duration: 1:11:10
Bitrate: 192 Kbps

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9 August 2017


By Somuadila Ugwummadu

Following different versions of false news peddled by the Nigerian media and most regrettably, respected individuals, to narrate the very unfortunate incident that happened at St Philips Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu, We, in our culture has dug out the details of this event and how it deteriorated to the August 6 massacre.

Aloysius Ikegwuonu (Bishop), presently a drug baron in South Africa, was born in 1981 to the family of Chief Ikegwuonu, Amakwa Ozubulu. He grew up in a very poor home and often helped his mother who trades at Orie Akpu market, Off Ugwu Orie Bus Stop, Amakwa Ozubulu. 'Aloyee' as fondly called by his friends in his early youth stage, first came to limelight in 1999 when he became the senior prefect of Comprehensive Secondary School, C.S.S., (formerly College of Basic Studies, C.B.S.) Egbema Ozubulu; a school founded by Reverend Father Nwabaju Izuchi, a United States based Catholic priest.

Right after his secondary school studies which he finished after his May/June WASSCE examination in the year 2000, he traveled out to South Africa on March 2001 where he became a multi millionaire within his first four (4) months of his stay there. He came back nine (9) months later (December 2001) and splashed his money around. This was the first major drug deal advert in Ozubulu, a land formerly known for the bravery of her indigenes, tranquility and high moral standards. (This seed Aloyee planted did not take time to bear fruits.)

With this, Aloyee attracted many friends to himself especially his school mates at C.S.S.. They indicated interest to serve him and do whatever he wants them to do as long as they will end up as 'successful' as he is and as quick as he made it. There was an exodus of Ozubulu youths to South Africa between the years 2004-2007. With these many people around him, Aloyee who had adopted the name 'Bishop' in South Africa needed someone he could trust better. He went for his best friend in the aforementioned secondary school, Ginika Nwoke.

Ginika, alias Giniyee, hailed from Mbaise in Imo State; he is an orphan and the only child of his parents. He grew up with his uncle, Ite Ego (a butcher at Orie Akpu market, Ugwu Orie Ozubulu) all through his childhood and adolescent age. He gained admission to study Psychology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in the year 2001 and was living at an unpainted two storey building, a lodge for students, about 100 meters from Unizik temporary site junction. Due to pressure from Bishop, he abandoned his university education just after his 200 level. Giniyee's room mate at the University was Nonso Ewulu, alias Ajagara Igwe, who studied Political Science in the same university 2001-2005. Ajagara Igwe was also Giniyee and Bishop's classmate at C.S.S. Ozubulu.

Bishop's notorious act began with his own mother. He allegedly sacrificed his mother (who had rejected his ill wealth) to occult group. This allegation seemed more truthful when he refused to raised a stone at his mother's grave. Bishop leveled his father's home with an interlocking tiles months after his mother's death and till today, you cannot identify his mother's grave in his father's compound.

To douse this rumor, Bishop engaged in an aggressive philanthropic aid. He renovated most churches at Ozubulu (particularly St Michael's Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu) the Igwe's palace and instituted a charity foundation. He also penetrated the state government, donates to the state police and the local vigilante groups.

These events were happening so fast, Bishop was audacious, intimidating and energetic. His friends that traveled to South Africa had started complaining about him: his intimidation and oppression; killings had started; it has become the survival of the fittest, the jungle of beasts. More than six (6) people had died, all from Anambra State in some misunderstanding between Bishop's group of drug cartel and many more groups of drug cartel in South Africa. Even at this stage, no one took any information about Bishop so seriously. Life went on and on and on.

The peak of this crisis was in a clash between Bishop and his best friend, Giniyee. Bishop claimed he handed Giniyee a package (hard drug) to deliver to a buyer but ended up with some cooked up stories with the intention of duping him. Giniyee denied this, but stated that Bishop's enemy ambushed him at the point of delivery (in what seemed more like a set up) and made away with the package -a package worth hundred of millions of naira.

It got so heated that it was reported to the Igwe of Ozubulu who summoned the two with their families and pleaded for all to exercise patience till the truth be revealed. Bishop rejected Igwe's verdict and swore that "isi ga ada" (meaning that 'head must fall') within some months if his money is not remitted back to him.

Few months later, the stunning news broke out, September 2015, Ginika Nwoke was shot died in the city of South Africa, the only child, an orphan with a wife and a little girl was killed. An Igbo adage says that "ihe mee onye ara, i mara na onwere mmadu" (meaning that when something happens to a mad man, you will know he has people). Mbaise indigenes made it clear that the only thing that will suffice them is a revenge, Bishop must be killed or a total war against Bishop and his kindred.

Situation started to deteriorate; between October 2015 and March 2017, Ozubulu youths were gunned down on monthly basis in South Africa. The owner of Vacarmata (located around Michael Junction, Egbema Ozubulu) Mr Obinna Ebuzeme, Mrs Nchedo (Nkwado's wife) and many others, especially the alumni of C.S.S. have been killed.

Since then, Bishop attends occasions with over 50 security personnels, very intimidating entourage, but Mbaise indigenes had not given up. In this latest event, he came back July 2017, he is still being tracked. Investigations revealed that he was to be gunned down on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at St Philips Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu, a church he built himself, from the foundation to the roof. Mysteriously, he got the news and escaped from Amakwa at mid night (Saturday, August 5, 2017).

The killers invaded his church still assuming he was there, opened fire and killed more than a dozen people. To prove it was targeted and purposed to get at Bishop, Bishop's father ran away the church building with a bullet shot but the killers chased after him and shot him severally to ensure he dies.

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Ozubulu massacre: An Open Letter From Aloysius Ikegwuonwu

Defamation and false allegations.

My attention has been drawn to a social media campaign where it is alleged that I am  connected to the Ozubulu church killing over a drug problem.

For the avoidance of any doubt I wish to inform the general public that I know nothing about the church killings and i have never been involved in drugs.

I have never been arrested or convicted anywhere in the world. My businesses are legitimate buinesses, duly registered. Apart from warehousing and wholesale of goods I am also a contractor involved in the construction of roads and  infrastructure in Nigeria. 

It's shameful that Nigerians and the media don't verify any story before running with them.

The handwork of those who are jealous of my success and who are determined to tarnish my image is  evident. 

The Church killings is an unprecedented evil that deserves full investigation to unmask the perpetrators.

We await investigations and full police report of the church attack. 

In the meantime I request all social media and media houses to retract my name from the defamatory stories linking me with the church killing.

Failure to do so and any further linking of my name with the church killings will force me to take legal action against the purveyors of the defamatory false story.

Aloysius Ikegwuonwu.

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7 August 2017

Ozubulu Massacre: The story behind the shooting

It has been rumored that a feud between two brothers of Ozubulu who reside in South Africa was d real reason behind the heartless cold-blooded murder of over 15 people in a Catholic Church in Ozubulu. The man who built the church, a popular philanthropist, Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonwu has been rumored to have been the target of the attack. The gunmen who came for him had earlier gone to his house where they didn't meet him and gathered
intel that he would be in the church for a thanksgiving service. They were therefore distraught when they didn't find him there and they took out their anger on Pa Ikegwuonwu who is d father of Aloysius Ikegwuonwu, shooting him at close range. His wife was next and she caught her's on her hand before the gunman opened fire on the entire church, laying waste to innocent lives.

The governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Willie Obiano has reacted to the very ugly massacre of worshippers yesterday at a Catholic Church in Ozubulu. After a visit to the church which was barricaded by policemen, and to the hospitals where doctors were battling to save the lives of the injured, he said that such ugly incident cannot be tolerated in the State. He also said that from preliminary investigations conducted, the attack was not a terrorist attack, but that would not stop justice from taking its course and he proceeded to set up a task force to look into the case.
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