1 February 2018

Biography of Bar. Okoli Gozie Raymond

The dawn of 24th June, 1977 witnessed the emergence of Barrister Okoli Gozie Raymond, all thanks to nature and nurture. Counsel Gozie popularly known as “Oyi” was the last child in a family of seven and as he navigated into existence, hails from Umunkwa awor Ifite, Oraifite in Ekwusigo Local Government of Anambra State. He is happily married and the fruitful union is blessed with three children.

Education, they say is the key. The young Raymond whose bedrock seemed rooted in wealth of knowledge got enrolled in Union Primary School Ifite Oraifite and obtained his Primary School Leaving Certificate in 1990. His excellent grades skyrocketed him into the Oraifite Boys High School (1990-1996). His intellectual prowess placed him far above his contemporary and that metamorphosed his admittance into Enugu State University of Science and Technology (Esut) where he bagged a degree in L. L. B (1997-2001) That birthed his admission into Nigerian Law school Abuja in 2002 and was called to Nigerian Law in 2003. Thereinafter, in obedience to the clarion call and service to fatherland, the amiable learned friend proceeded to Ondo state for the mandatory one year NYSC and was placed under the Nigerian Legal Aid council for his primary assignment. At present, the erudite scholar is pursuing his Masters Degree on International Relations in Pace University, Chicago with 2018 in view as expected year of graduation.

After successful completion of the NYSC assignment at the Nigerian Legal Aid Council, Barrister Raymond in search of greener pasture got himself attached with Amobi Nzelu’s Chambers at Banex Plaza Wuse Zone 2, Abuja for about two years in active practice. He worked in different private & commercial companies which include: Ucabing Agency, Bronx NY (Manager) October 2016-Present, Grook Abuja Nigeria (Associate Partner) August 2009-October 2016, Citizens for good government (National Legal Adviser) February 2008-February 2009, United Trust Assurance Company (Claims and legal unit) March 2003-January 2008. Also, he was the legal adviser to Oasel group of companies in Abuja (2006-2010), Michael Hammond company Abuja (2006-2007), United life assurance company in Lagos (2004-2006)

He is a known reputable APGA Stalwart since year 2012-present. He was a former PDP Aspirant alongside Hon. Afam Obi for Anambra State House of Assembly but was denied the ticket. His landmark achievements stemmed from been very dedicated to the growth of APGA political platform especially on areas of working with Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board (ASUBEB). His contributory quota to developmental stellar structure under the supervision of Asubeb as contractors include:
 1) Constructed 5 class rooms at Oraifite Girls secondary school in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State.
2) VIP toilet at Awor community primary school Oraifite in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State.
3) Construction of 4 class rooms at LA primary Ibolo.
4) Renovation of 5 class rooms at Girls secondary school Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State.
5) Construction of 5 class rooms at ObereOgo school at Umudim Nnewi.
6) Renovation of 4 class rooms at Orsumoghu Community Secondary school.
7) Construction of 4 class rooms at Comprehensive secondary school Nkpor.

The erudite scholar has been a great youth mobilizer who has help build and maintain strong relationships between the Anambra State Government and her citizens through proper research based activities that would aid targeted communication, thereby bringing satisfaction to the citizens as well as its targeted dividends of democracy. His immense contributions to moving APGA political platform forward by funding APGA activities especially in Ekwusigo LGA is second to none.
He believes in the dividends of democracy. Barrister Gozie Okoli is a great Philanthropist, little wonder he is endeared to the hearts of many as his large heart is made bare for all to see. Humility personified and good natured while wisdom flows whenever he exhibits his oratory prowess. He has numerous awards and recognitions to his accolades.

• International Criminal Justice Award from Pace University New York. 28th Oct, 2017.
• Best Worker of the Year 2017, Morgan Stanley Co. New York.
• Anambra State Ministry of Youth & Empowerment Award, February 2014.
• Youth Empowerment Award from Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, June 2013.
• Rotary International Community Residential Aid Award, Australia National Convention. May 2011.
• Best Resource Person on Fish Productions: Ekiti state Government, 2008.
• All Christian Fellowship Award on Bible Diction Competition August 2000
• Best student on Law of Evidence: Esut, 2nd October 1999. Just to mention but a few.

 It is believed that the fruit of the pudding lies in the onus, let’s unfold a stellar structure that would be a significant upgrade in deep-seated participation in all levels of the process. Ekwusigo, Nnewi South and Nnewi North Federal Constituency, please let us support this great philanthropist, a youth with great humility as simple as you can imagine. Men of goodwill, we present to us, Barrister Okoli Gozie Raymond to represent us at the green chambers. He has declared his interest to contest for Nnewi North and South, Ekwusigo Federal Constituency under APGA platform for a true representation of the people. Days of apathy are truly over!

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18 January 2018

Check Out These Weird But Gorgeous Ankara Designs

Just when you thought you have seen it all, we are presented with more stunning styles you never imagined.
Take a sneak peek at these Ankara Styles.

which is your favorite??
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Producer of AKI AND PAW PAW and ISAKABA (Kas-Vid) Dies


Nollywood movie maker and producer, Chukwuka Emelionwu popularly known as Kasvid, has died.
He was involved in a fatal car accident which occured 6pm, Wednesday January 17th, and died three hours after.
According to his family members, the accident that claimed his life happened after he left a burial at his home town, Neni, in Anambra state.
He managed to squeeze himself out of the vehicle safely and was crossing over to the other side of the road to make a call when an oncoming speeding vehicle knocked him down. People rushed him to the hospital. He lost lots of blood and died three hours later.
The road where he had the accident is said to have experienced a lot of accidents.
Chukwuka Emeliona who hails from Neni in Anambra State, will always be remembered for his strings of hit films like Isakaba, August Meeting, Mr.Ibu, Aki and Paw Paw.
His famous production company, Kas-Vid Pictures played a prominent role in the movie industry.
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Story: Accidental Baby Mama - Episode 5

“No, this is not what you want.” he said shaking his head.
“Please I want this, no one wants me, please.” she said as she held his arm.
“I don’t…” he was stopped as she kissed him. He pulled her away, “are you sure about this?” he asked again.
“Yes.” she said, as she gave him a lazy grin.
He didn’t say anything, but his speed told her he was more than up for it. She smiled happily as their fingers were entwined.
She felt nervous and anxious but she ignored it as she got to his house and he took her to his house.

“Are you sure this is what you want? I don’t want a assault case filed against me.” he said, as they stood beside his front door. She couldn’t really see his face but the sincerity in her voice almost made her turn back.
“I’m ready for this. I’m ready to go with you.” she said, as she leaned in to kiss him.
* * * * * *

“hmm. Where am I?” Sophia yawned and sat up, the room was beautiful. And it looked like a hotel, “wait oh, when did she lodge in a hotel?” she looked at herself and almost screamed. She was Unclad, and she looked at her side there was a man. A man, what was he doing beside her?
Then all of yesterday’s events and regrets rushed to her memory. She remembered how he had cautioned her but her alcohol induced state misled her. She tried to entangle herself from the man who slept like a baby. She didn’t even know who she slept with, his face was blurred and it was at night. She managed to stand and saw her underwear, they were irredeemable. She managed to salvage her dress, before she decided to even look at the man.
To her shock and surprise, her eyes noted the full hair, his dimples and his face. She started crying inside, she was shaking as she almost fell down.
She hurriedly picked her purse, and bolted out of the room, she didn’t stop until she got to the stairs and then the front door. She went to the gate, the gateman thought she was mad as she told him to open the gate. She walked barefoot and her phone was already out of battery. She found N2000 in her purse and hailed a taxi to get her to her house.
When she got home, she was lucky her parents were not around, she started charging the dead phone and used her other one to call Ness.

“Bae, where have you been? We searched everywhere. I thought you were kidnapped.” Ness yelled angrily.
“Sorry, I met a guy and things just went haywire.” she apologized.
“Haywire? Okay then. Hope you’ve packed your things because we are going in five minutes.” Ness said, Sophia grew anxious.
“Please give me fifteen minutes.” she said pleading. Which kind of mess had she got herself into?
“Whatever don’t delay me sha?” Ness said angrily.
Suddenly Sophia wished Gina was going with them.
“Are you ready?” she heard Ness call her out, she looked out from her window.
“Yes, I’m coming.” she said, as she wore her clothes hurriedly. She dragged the heavy suitcase the maid Nkiru, had packed yesterday.
She removed her phone from the charging point, and dialed her mom’s number as she went outside.
Their house was a modest two storey building, unlike the huge duplex that Ness and Gina lived in. She loved the house, she would miss her family. Her three younger brothers were in boarding school.

Her mom was already talking on the phone.
“Osiso? What is it? Why are you calling now.” she heard the strain in her voice.
“Ma, I just called to say I was going,I…”she was cut by Ness waving her hands frantically for her to hurry up.
“Do you want to speak to your father?” her mother asked.
“Yes ma.” she heard the sigh, and then the sound of someone walking into a room.
“Papa, is that you?” she asked, as she allowed Ness’ driver to take her luggage and she entered the car.
“hmm, my baby, why did you call this early? I thought you had agreed to stay with the Nwaifos.” he said gruffly. Immediately she felt bad, this was six in the morning and she was already waking her parents from their sleep on their vacation.
“Yes papa, I just wanted to tell you that I was going.” she said, as the driver eased the car out of the house.

Silvanus, the gate man waved at her and she nodded her head.
“Okay then, but remember all I’ve told you, biko don’t disgrace me, you know you are the jewel of the family.” he said.
“Yes papa, I remembered everything and I won’t let you down.” she said gritting her teeth.
“Okay, hmm, Nne ‘Maka, are you not telling your daughter goodbye.” she heard her father say to her mother but she knew her mom would ignore him.
“Papa, leave her alone. Let her sleep. Enjoy yourself.” she said, smiling to herself as she cut the phone.

-to be continued-
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Story: Accidental Baby Mama - Episode 4

When you lean on my shoulder, I feel like a superheroine
When you call me Mother, my heart melt like wax
You are my pride, Son
You complete my world
You’re a true extension of myself both in looks and in deeds
I may not have the world riches to give
But surely, you already have my love, my heart and my life
You will have the peace and love that only a mother could give.
The comfort only my arms could give
I will give you a reason to appreciate my existence
To the world, I must say…
I love you, Son.

* * * * * *

She knew the voice was fake, auto tuning and the rest of the magic the music producer often did. To her he was lip singing.
She sighed, then she caught sight of Funke and her ex, Gabriel’s eyes widened as he took her image in and Funke was terrified especially when Ness came in with the son of the IG of police, holding her waist.
She ignored them, no use crying over spilt milk. It was time to move on.
She felt sad, the guys here were not her crowd. She felt so uncomfortable, the music was just refined stink to her, promises that were bound to fail. She sighed here friends were singing and dancing while she began to mope.
The song track title was so common, as if there were no more titles or names again.
Everything except for her drink was sour. Stupid ex and stupid best friend, they can both rot in hell. She decided to take something stronger.
“A cosmos please.” she said, as she sat on the bar stool. She took the drink after ordering a couple more she felt the effect. Ha! Although she didn’t drink much, but her stamina was surprising.
She licked her lips, enjoying the tingling taste. “I’ll take the snap for ladies.” she said politely.
“And I’ll pay for another drink then.” she heard a clear baritone voice near her.
She snorted and eyed him, although she was drunk she knew cocky when she saw it. She sipped the drink and sighed.
“What do you want?” she asked, alcohol giving her the boldness to ask as she crossed her legs and eyed him.
“I want you.” he said nonchalantly.
Sophia scoffed and stood balancing herself like a graceful ballerina.
“Excuse me, even under this and drugs. I wouldn’t allow you.” she said angrily.
At that moment, Funke came by and exchanged pleasantries with the guy hitting on her.
“Tart, how dare you?” she cried out, as she lunged at her.
She had almost gotten rid of her blouse when they called security and she was dragged out.
She sat outside on the floor, it was cold and her friends were probably engrossed there was no one to help her.
She turned as someone tapped her, it was the man who had offered her a drink, he motioned for her to stand and she followed him.
She refused to enter, when he took her to his car.
“Where are you taking me to?” she asked as he gestured to her.
“You know you are drunk and you just attacked someone.” he said, the voice was vaguely familiar.
“Do I care, she stole my boyfriend.” she said angrily.
“From your expression, I thought you were over him.” he said, as he stood beside her.
She eyed him,his cologne was very seducing. She moved away, before she spoke.
“Yes, but who was she to butt in, she…” she suddenly burst into tears all the insecurities she buried deep down began to resurrect.
“Stop crying, no one is worth your tears.” he said, as he held her in his arms.
“I think I’m ugly, that was why he left me.” she said sobbing, as she began the narration of her dating history to a total stranger whom she didn’t know but she felt relaxed as he patted her hair.
“Sorry about that, I’ve my story to tell and my legs are aching so why don’t we drive around in the car.” he said, as he urged her in.
Sophia felt guilty the guy was nice enough to hear her sob story, why didn’t she do the same. She entered reluctantly and waited until he entered the car.
Nothing prepared her for his story, she felt so sorry for him, that she didn’t realize they were making out.
She was jolted out of her state, when she felt his hands under her dress.
“Stop, please I’ve not done this before.” she said as she pulled away.
“Okay, sorry I got carried away.” he withdrew sadly, he scratched his neck and sighed.
Sophia was scared, this was not her she didn’t know what she wanted, maybe she should…no, she couldn’t sleep with an ordinary guy who had a good sob story.
But her alcohol induced thoughts got the better of her. She would never see him again anyway, what did she have to lose. Who would want her anyway with her oversized hips, well she could just seize the moment and go with it.
She looked at him, as she licked her upper lips nervously.
“Okay, then would you like to be my first.” she asked timidly. The guy’s eyes widened in the darkness.

-to be continued-
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Story: Accidental Baby Mama - Episode 3

“Wow you are looking hot.”Ness yelled happily, as she caught Sophia coming down the stairs. Gina gave her a big smile that said that-is-my-girl.
Sophia ignored her mom’s knowing look, and she hugged her friends happily, after jumping around for a few minutes, they all calmed.
“Bae you are looking hot. I’ll say it again.” Ness said as she took in, the leopard pattern halter dress and gold heels, her friend paired the daring dress with small earrings and she showed off her punk haircut.

Episode 1Episode 2

“Lets go jare.” she said, after catwalking around the room. She loved the dress, it was one of a kind, it hid her defects and balanced her shape. Her mom got it on her twentieth birthday when she was complaining about her body.
To anyone she had the perfect hourglass figure and she knew that it was a knock out.
They left the house chatting expectantly about their outing and the service programme they were going to.
They left in Gina’s car to the club, anticipating the best night of their lives.
They arrived at the club, it was brimming with ladies, the news was everywhere and even the parking lot was filled. Everyone wanted a glimpse of the artist or maybe a handshake, it wouldn’t hurt if a hug would be thrown in.
It looked like it was an exclusive ladies night, some guys followed their girlfriends in order to prevent them from falling further from them after seeing the artist in reality.
As they queued, Sophia heard a guy whisper to his friend, that he was missing a major La liga match all because of his girl.
She giggled and sighed, she loved the attention, she thrived on it. Her long legs were catching stared here and there and she was sure that with her friends, this was going to be fun.
The bouncers were twice the normal numbers and size, there were reporters and cameras flashing. An impromptu red carpet all for one person.
At this Sophia got pissed off, as much as she vyed for attention, this was too much. Her legs ached and she couldn’t wait to get a nice chilled glass off rich wine.
She ignored her friends who were still engrossed with the camera and went in.

One look from the bouncer told her, he definitely liked what he saw. He passed her in and she entered the high class club. She thought it was meant for places like VI, why Bariga?
She took in swirling lights, expensive club chairs and the dancehall was like a scene from a movie. She went to the bar and ordered her drink, the man gave her a look of approval and served her.
She was sipping her drinks and gauging the crowd. The place was fully air conditioned or else, it would be uncomfortable as people were already dancing.
She eyed her drink, this was delicious, it was soothing and then she stood like a predator. She had watched her friends go cougar and hunt. She knew every skill, but because of her darling boyfriend she couldn’t use them.
She sat on an overstuffed settee,
she sighted her friends already dancing like crazy. She raised her glass as they came towards her.

“Babe, I heard he is here.” Ness said exasperatedly, as she sat next to her and ordered a drink from the waiter.
“I sincerely don’t care. I came here to relax all this fuss over one man. Please how many albums has he released. All these gra gra. I’m here to enjoy myself. I can’t kill myself.” she said, as she danced to the new song the dj played.
Guys were moving everywhere, trying to get weekend flings. She threw a menacing stare, she wasn’t a club girl.
Her friends shrugged and left to dance, soon the dj announced that the artist dugbsy boy was in the house.
She hissed and continued looking around, she felt the oozing sensuality jumping from the stage.

-to be continued-
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Story: Accidental Baby Mama - Episode 2

-continued directly from the last episode-
Or maybe the side chicks matter was what kept him from complaining. She sat in her worn out jeans and food stained shirt, she even ignored the emails that her university sent her. She was tired of this life, so this was love.
Hmm. She began sobbing, to put herself in a worse condition, she had been playing adele’s songs on her mp3 till it died.
She began weeping for the player and then she started crying at her foolishness.
She was like that for two weeks, till her friends Georgina and Vanessa, the twins that were her childhood friends came to see her.
Ness was appalled at her state and they began operation “recuperate from breakup”.
They took her out, they went to see movies and advised her to move on and stop moping before the NYSC came.
“Look babe, I know what you need.” Sophia looked at Ness with anxiety, “Relax, just chill and lets get you ready. There’s a new club with free drinks for the ladies.” Ness added with a wink.
“Ness chill ko, ice block ni. You are saying she should go to club 98 in Bariga abi? Eh…” Gina shouted at her twin.
“Shut up, what do you know, baby! For your info, em Dugbs boy is going to perform.” Ness said happily, as the two girls sat up. Gina was suddenly smiling.”Why did you not say something eh? And see what I’m wearing. This girl you are evil.” Gina eyed her twin.
They all agreed to go even if it was to see the handsome musician.
Ness was already dressed in a dark blue body con knee length dress. She was typing on her phone furiously as her twin helped her with her makeup.
“Ness which one is it that you are typing and pressing your phone like that, is there a problem.” Gina asked her, as she tried moving her neck to apply the blush.
“Yes oh, they have sent batch B oh, that means tomorrow we have to leave.” Ness said sadly, as she continued typing like she was furious.
“tomorrow? I thought it wasn’t until next week.” Gina dropped her brush and folded her arms across her chest. She was an embodiment of African style and culture. She never went to university after her secondary school, instead to the dismay of her parents. She went to study Fashion and Design in France, then did her intern as a African designer and makeup artiste.
She was now a self employed designer although she still did a part time programme in business and finance.
She was the fairer between herself and Ness. But Ness was the beauty queen, she was light but not like Gina. They both possessed two things that made them stand out.
Firstly was their love for fashion, their craze made the likes of famous celebrities drool. Anyway their parents could afford it, be it Gucci or Dior or Victoria Beckham.
Although now Gina was all for African designs, she travelled whenever she had a break to her design houses in south Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana.
She had contacts almost everywhere she went, she was a hard working girl. And she loved her job.
Secondly was their voice and eyes, many people claimed they had a voice box operation, as if it were possible. They sounded so seductive even when they were innocent and little. This gave their parents a lot of concern as people always called them aside to get rid of their daughters “bedroom voice”. Then their eyes were strangely cat like, light brown too and people often wondered if they had surgery.
As if surgery could make such eyes.
“Look sit down there. After the party, I have to pack and also call Sophia to stop crying and start packing. She should stop worrying over that tart, Funke and her useless ex. She is still young and beautiful.” Ness said, as she stood abruptly trying to balance on the killer heels she put on.
Gina smirked and said “Sha don’t fall, Miss i want dugbsy boy to notice me.”
Ness stuck out her tongue childishly and started taking selfies.
“hmm selfie queen. Okay oh. I want to go and dress up too oh.”Gina said, as she left her sister who was still taking pictures.

-to be continued-
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Story: Accidental Baby Mama - Episode1

 Sophia eaned on the chair, and eyed her image facing her. She sighed as she tried to adjust the newly purchased Peruvian wig, that was arm length, she then looked at her dress, it was the latest fashion and style if you were the small b---m type. Empire waist line that’s what the sales lady called it, it was gorgeous. It hugged her body and flowed to her feet. He was going to drool today.
She stood and walked to the standing mirror opposite her bed. She looked at the dark chocolate skinned girl, she was tall for her age and she remembered when she was in primary school, her nickname was chooba, the long thin chocolate sweet loved by her schoolmates.
She had grown but to her dismay in height and her hips. She tried as much as possible to hide her hips, her coursemates often teased her that she was rivaling Kim Kardashian.
She sighed and looked around for the gold wedge sandals, she bought for the occasion. She slipped it on, with a smile as she remembered how she met Gabriel Onaife.

Yes her one and only boyfriend, who held the key to her heart and she had fallen for him during her gce exams.
They met at the centre, he went to accompany a friend who was writing the exams. He was already in his second year and bam it was love at first sight.
Now they had waited long enough, she was done with school, she was waiting for her deployment to NYSC.
He had encouraged her to do her marketing degree at university of Nsukka. And he was ever attentive and helpful. She had introduced him to her parents and friends even her roommates knew him.
He worked in a booming architectural firm and he had a house in Lagos. Well she had come back to Lagos. Thanks to her father’s connection, she knew she was posted here.
Enough school matters, today was their six year anniversary. All her friends envied her, as to how she could get a man who would stick by her all through the years and yet not ask for back payments.
She picked her handbag, as she applied a new coat of lipgloss and blew a kiss to the mirror.
She was going to make this anniversary very memorable, she had gotten a beautiful package for him and when she’d get to his house. She’d make his best food. After all they say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.

She got out of her room humming happily and went down the stairs after saying goodbye and telling her dad where she was off to. She went out, the day was beautiful, she would stop at the market to get some more ingredients.
Sophia was overjoyed, when she saw his car. “Good he’s at home, he must be sleeping, they overwork him at that place.” she said, as she entered the living room. She had the key, she went to the kitchen and started cooking. She sang happily, a woman in love.
She decided to wake him up, it was already seven in the evening. She set up the food and some romantic candles. She dimmed the light, humming to herself, she went to his bedroom.
Not even bothering to knock. She opened the door.
Lo and behold, she met Funke, her best friend on top of her boyfriend. She screamed and ran out. Gabriel struggled out of the bed but Funke held him down. He eyed her and wore his trousers hurriedly, Sophia didn’t wait, she walked towards her things. She wasn’t in a right state of mind. She felt like burning his house down, but when she heard him calling her name, she ran out and decided never to come back.
Sophia was a shadow of herself, she was lost, her only hope, her joy, her life it was lost.
She avoided her parents and siblings, she ignored her phone. She was tired and she began contemplating suicide. What was wrong with her? Maybe it was because he believed she was naive since she never allowed him to touch her.

-to be continued-
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7 November 2017

Story: The Devil Who Loved Me - Episode 28

Timi carried Toun to the car while sparrow and i remained behind. It was still unbelievable that the Abayomi that had hung out with us yesterday was now dead. Sparrow got a call behind me and after he finished, he took Toun and i to Aiyegbami, while Timi went to meet the Hotel management.
Sparrow took us to the spare room in the apartment then he called Jafar, he gave me the phone to talk to him..
Jafar : i told Sparrow to keep you guys secured there…you have more than 20 men around the house..
Me : Abayomi is dead….
Jafar : I will see you guys very soon, they shall not go unpunished..
Me : Promise?
Jafar : with all i am and all that i will ever be
Me : What will i do with Toun?
Jafar L i will be back soon, just hang on…
Toun was sitting on the floor, she was crying bitterly
Toun: what am i now, what will i ever be, what will my life be without him?
me: Toun, Please dont cry?
Toun: I should not cry? do you know we have given our children names?…all of them…
Toun started pulling her clothes, i wanted to stop her but decided against it. when she was stark naked, she started cursing
Toun: Eli, wherever you are, you will lack satisfaction.. you shall drinl water but still be thirsty, you shall eat but still be hungry. what you chase you shall not meet, what you search, you shall not find..
Then she started crying again…i went to hold her…
Me : please dont cry dear, please…
She pushed me away and lay down on the floor…My phone rang, it was Timi.
Timi : how are you?
me: i am ok..
Timi : i am on my way to Ijebu-Ode..Ago is not safe..the school has taken Abayomi’s body to the mortuary..
me: that is a good idea, please be safe…
Timi : how is Toun?
me: she is devastated…i dont know what to do…
Timi: i will be with you guys tomorrow.
me: Abayomi was my best friend.
Timi: i know…
Me : let me know when you arrive at Ijebu-Ode..
Toun was on the floor, she had stopped crying, she was just staring at nothing…then she started laughing…i became worried..
I went to her side and held her..
she started talking to herself…
Toun: Abayomi, you are wicked oh!, is this how we planned it?…you said you will not leave me no matter what..now you have left…
me : Toun, please stop…
Toun : i should stop? they killed my baby!…ah…what kind of pain is this…Ah…
I picked up my phone to call Jafar, i wanted him to tell me it woud be ok….he didnt pick… i thought of Abayomi’s lovely mother…she would be crushed!…He was her star..
My phone started ringing again, it was Timi, i wondered if he had gotten to Ijebu-ode so soon. i ignored the calls, and focused on Toun…After the fifth ring, i picked up..
Timi : why didnt you pick?
me : i was with Toun
Timi: please, this is not the time for you not to pick calls.
me: i am sorry..have you arrived?
Timi : Not yet, at the outskirts
Me: told you to call me when you arrived.
Timi : yes i know, something happened…i got a call from school..
Me : People have found out about Abayomi’s death?
Timi : that’s not it..
Me : then what?
Timi : National’s head is infront of the School gate, on a piece of white cloth on the ground, his body is missing..
I was silent..
me : yeah, lemme know when you get to ijebu-ode..
Jafar was calling Eli out, it was War.
I planned to wait for Jafar to come in before I slept. Toun was sleeping innocently, I wished I could just sleep and when I wake, I would realize that the past few hours had been a dream. Apart from the room in which Toun and I were, the entire house was filled up to the brim. I could hear voices, though they were sober.
I wanted to call my dad to tell him about it, but I decided against it. I was wondering about who I could call when I dozed off, because I woke up to the sound of a couple of cars arriving at the apartment. I eavesdropped till I heard Uche’s deep voice. I waited for Jafar’s but didn’t hear him. I waited until I slept off.
When I woke up, Toun’s eyes were staring at me, she didn’t look happy or sad..she just stared…
Me : How are you feeling?
She didn’t answer me, instead her
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Story: The Devil Who Loved Me - Episode 27

We returned to the hotel, already we heard news that lectures for that day had been suspended. Sparrow was at the Hotel lobby when we got in, you could see from his eyes that he was devasted…I gave him a hug and went inside the room, soon i was surrounded by Timi, Abayomi and Toun.
Me : Abayomi, dont you think we should just let go of this elections?
Abayomi : I have been thinking about it too, i never imagined it was going to be like this..
Timi : but we have come too far, elections is next week friday..
Toun : If you guys step down now, they have won..Eli and National…
Toun walked to where Abayomi stood and looked into his eyes…
Toun : You have always wanted to be the SUG president, please dont give up…
He answer her…
Me : But we are not even sure of winning, its 50/50…
Timi : you have a point bby…
Abayomi : i will call Jafar, lets hear what he thinks…
Abayomi placed the call, after some seconds, he hung up..
Me : what did he say?
Abayomi : They are taking Aji’s corpse to the mortuary, he will drop by on his way back..
Timi : that settles it then…
Toun : Please i have something to say…
we all looked up, apart from Abayomi…
Toun : You guys are more than my friends, you are my family..thats why i am begging you guys to forgive me…
Me : Toun , stop! …for what?
Toun : Tana, i have to say this…I slept with Naetochukwu thinking it will make things right, but it was a stupid thing to do…i am sorry Abayomi…please forgive me. I aint saying we should go back as bf and gf…but i need to know you have forgiven me, so it can reduce the dirtiness i feel on me…
It was Timi and my turn to look down…But the idiot didnt day anything…so i looked up and went to hug my friend, Toun…i helped her wipe away her tears…Yes i am a hugger!..
Abayomi and Timi left the room and i was left alone with Toun…
Toun : Thank you dear…
Me : Dont worry, Abayomi will come around…
Toun : i hope he knows i am really sorry…….
She started crying again…
Me : stop it, its not like he didnt sleep with Kofo and all…
Toun : does that justify my action? in the car?…
Me : Alrigjt, lets eat…food makes things better…
She giggled amidst her tears…
Toun : Glutton like you…
there was a knock on the door, i wondered if Jafar had arrived so soon..
It was Timi.
Timi : Toun, Abayomi wants to see you…
I was surprised, but she was more surprised…
Toun : serious?
Timi : Yeah…
Toun bounced from the bed and started powdering her face…looked at herself in the mirror and left…
Timi : those people are crazily inlove!
me : Yes o…
Timi : do you love me like that?
i wondered where this question was coming from…
Me : ours is different…
Timi : explain…
Me : Those people are as good as married….
Timi : and we are?
me : modern lovers…
Timi : this has to do with Jafar right?…
me : oh no Timi…Ahn ahn…
Timi : i dont know, i just feel this vibe about you guys…
Me : you are getting Paranoid…
i sat on his lap and gavd him a full kiss on the lips. he started carrying me to the bed…
Me : Timi, i am hungry…lemme call room service.
He grudginly let me go…i picked up the inter-com and dialled ‘0’…
Me : Hello, is this the kitchen?
Receiver : yes
Me : please can i have fried yam and egg sauce?
Receiver : Yes, give me 15 minutes..
me : Please what is your name ?
Receiver : Standd Ma,
me : Standd you have lied to me before, last night you said 15 minutes, and it actually took 45 minutes..
Receiver : sorry ma…seriously give me 15minutes…
me : Ok o…..
Then i hung up….
There was a knock on the door again..Timi went to open the door…
Timi : Ah Jafar howfar?
Jafar : i dey…
Me : Jafar…sorry for the Aji….
he shrugged it off…
Jafar : please call the other guys, we have to talk…
Me : Abayomi and Toun?
Jafar : Yes.
Abayomi and Toun walked into the room with the same unreadable look. While Toun came to sit on the bed wit me, the three guys stood.
Abayomi : So Jafar, i am thinking of stepping down…
Jafar : Tana, you too?
Me : yes…
Jafar : Timi, you are with them?
Timi : nope
Toun : Me too, afterall by next week it will be all
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STORY: The Devil Who Loved Me - Episode 26

In school the next day, people were talking about a cult clash that happened the night before. Although i was 100% sure that no death was recorded, students were saying 4-3, 5-2 blaaablaaa…counting phantom deaths..The school was filled with color flaunting. The different groups were showing each other that they were gallant..
Our new residence was not to be mentioned to anyone, even our movement around campus was restricted to public places. We had just a week to the Election and the fever was spreading like fire…
The campaigns was on full throttle now, only if these guys dancing up and down knew what was happening behind the scenes. Most people didnt even attribute the cult clashes to the elections.
Timi and i had texted all night…He told me how much he loved me and how we should travel to Lome after our exams on holiday. He kept trying to convince me to leave the room and meet him at the passage for tender, love and care. Though it sounded appetizing, i coudnt leave Toun…
Abayomi and Timi came for us after classes, interestingly they were not the only ones…sparrow and Aji were waiting with the Volvo too…Some weeks ago i would have felt trapped…but i was glad with the extra security…i was tempted to call Jafar to just check up on him…but it sounded silly…
Toun declined following us, she said Naetochukwu would be coming for her…and that she would join me in the hotel later..
In the hotel, Abayomi went to his room while Timi followed me to mine…he didnt wait for me to drop my bags before he pounced on me…I thought he wanted a quick kiss but the way he was breathing suggested that he wanted more…I was all sweaty and sticky from class but Timi was having none of that.
Timi : baby i have missed you…
Me : Ahn ahn..you and i have been together na…
Timi : You know what i mean….
Me : tell me na…
Timi : i want to feel the inside of you…
i ran my fingers through his cute face, i couldnt stop marveling on how handsome he looked…
Me : Oya lemme havd my bath first….
Timi : i can join you na…
Me : Shut up…ashewo boy….
He laughed as i left him and undressed to take my bath.. When i finished, Timi was sprawled on the bed, sleeping. Though i was hungry, i decided to wait to Toun before i ate. so i found a free space on the bed and slept too..
It was getting dark when i woke to the sounds of someone knocking the door, Timi was still sleeping. I opened the door to see Toun, her face was blank. I tapped Timi, who stood up and greeted Toun before vacating the room…she didnt even bother replying him.
Me : Toun , whats wrong with you?…
she went into the bathroom without replying. After waiting for about 30 minutes without hearing from her, i entered the bathroom too…
she was beneath the shower crying her eyes out…
Me : Toun talk to me, is it about Eli?
Toun : No…
Me : Talk to me…
Toun : just leave me alone….
i stepped closer, i didnt care that the gown i was on was getting wet…
Me : I am not going anywhere…
Toun : Fine, stay there!
Me : Please Toun…
She turned to me and stared for a while….
Me : You dont have a shower cap on…
Toun : Naetochukwu Fuccked me….
I gasped.
Toun : He fuucked me in his car!…oh i feel so filthy….
i hugged her….her heart was breaking….
Me : Let it be between us…..
Toun : too late for that…..i called Abayomi and told him…I couldnt keep that away from him…
Me : what did he say?
Toun : He hung up….
Me : i am so sorry…
Toun : i just wanted to get back at him….i thought i would
feel better….i dont….i feel like drowning…..
I led her back to the room and ordered Tea and fried plantain for us….i assured her that everything would be alright…
Trying to sleep, i got a call. i intended ignoring the call but with the elections fast approaching, everybody was important…so i picked up..
Me : Hello?
caller : Tanatolo….
Me: Eli?
Eli: you no dey your house…hehehehe…Why you dey hide hen you knw say i go find you?
Me : Eli, leave me alone, you and i have no business
Eli : You tell me say you and Abayomi go step down, na me all of una dey use p
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13 September 2017

Tragedy As 23years old South African man slaughers a mother of 2, eats her flesh

Here is the 23years old South African man (Aphiwe Mapekula) that slaughtered & beheaded a mother of 2 & then proceeded to eat her flesh.

Unfortunately for him the police arrived and have to shoot him once but he wouldn't stop them they shot him twice again before he could stop and was rushed to the hospital but died unfortunately.

His friend says he is a normal guy and not into rituals. His facebook page also says the same.
The story still remains a mystery.
God have mercy.
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